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  • ReptonicFusionZz 4 years ago

    subscribe to my channle plz

  • Hollanders LoveMenDicks 4 years ago

    This guy is street gangster

  • Flixer34 4 years ago

    One word SAVAGE

  • Emerson Sharp 4 years ago

    Matt is the strongest guy I have seen I am amazed

  • Dake XxgamingxX 4 years ago

    when you're Savage *eats a catis

  • kate bug 4 years ago

    I am Mexican and I eat it every day

  • PETER QUERIPEL 4 years ago

    Eat a cowpat

  • Apollo 7F 4 years ago

    You know when you eat captain crunch and the roof of your mouth starts to hurt.

    This must be hell

  • Tyler 89605 4 years ago

    please sub to my channel tyler 89605 also keep up da work wheres my challenge its awesome

  • Devin Smith 4 years ago

    i wonder what your doctors are thinking right now….

  • Alex Chan 4 years ago

    how can you eat it with the spines

  • unusedsn 4 years ago

    Your challenges rival the tortures of Hell.

  • The gamer freak 4 years ago

    how the fuck did you not bleed or throwup holy shit

  • JAYW0151 4 years ago

    This is a rough ass challenge

  • Haroon Murtza 4 years ago

    Did he go to hospital

  • Smash 3636 4 years ago

    Matt is a f***ing tank

  • Eric Foreman 4 years ago

    This has to be one of their savagest challenges of all time!

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