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  • Susan Temple 2 weeks ago

    I really like your videos because you do things rather that just talk about stuff. It's always so interesting and informative.

  • Nick Fusaro 2 weeks ago

    I love the desert landscape. I live in Florida, which is more forests, beaches and swamps than anything. My brother is movin out to Arizona soon, so I'll have the opportunity to get out there and venture into the desert. Finally.

  • Sharlene Whitley 2 weeks ago

    You just needed some butter it sounds like for those yucca seeds! Lol and some salt and pepper!

  • مزرعة الحاج محمد - Microfarm Elhaj 2 weeks ago

    Awesome motivational video

  • yellowdeer 7 2 weeks ago

    I'm from El Paso also. When I see cactus it reminds of the time my little cousin fell in a bed of cactus. I remember my grandmother pulling the needles out of his back, butt and legs. My poor cousin cried through the whole painful time. Thanks for the videos.

  • A. Fizz 2 weeks ago

    Nice, but u picked 4. U said u would only pick 3 lol. Enjoy our beautiful world

  • WhiskeyTango Sierra 2 weeks ago

    Prikly Pear spines in your mouth or tongue will be very unpleasant. You have a gift for understatement.

  • Barbara Rathbone 2 weeks ago

    Thank you. You always come through with wonderful information.

  • Greg Wright 2 weeks ago

    Nice! Always enjoy your wild food shows.

  • Oscar Outdoors 2 weeks ago


  • M. Snow 2 weeks ago

    I really do enjoy your desert food videos as most of it is available in my back yard or just across the street, here in southwest Az. I also like the music!

  • Kal's Treks and Trails 2 weeks ago

    Awesome video my friend

  • 20p65s 2 weeks ago

    Good info Fox, I would train with you anytime. Gotta watch the audio levels though.

  • Zach Bowman 2 weeks ago

    I am at Enchanted Rock right now. Yucca and prickly pear for dinner tonight

  • Lucas Pflueger 2 weeks ago

    just what I’ve been waiting for! Thanks James

  • kerry ward 2 weeks ago

    also notice in the background at 7:30…. the non native light beer plant… that brand tastes like crap so i wouldnt pick that one if i were you ! lol. man i need to come hang out with you and brush up on some skills and do some learning !

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