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  • spikedpunk 6 years ago

    :40 seconds and up! I need lenses for the opera lamps! Yes, who can forget
    the “Diary of a Cordoba” you wrote.

  • mechanicwarrior20 6 years ago

    Got corinthian greeze?…..

  • mechanicwarrior20 6 years ago

    lol hey I still have that? 1975 Dodge Corinthian leather Charger…. Except
    I scrapped that the original transmission and got a heavy duty 904 with a
    TF2 shift kit.

  • Veikra 6 years ago

    when you’re a car person , you end up liking cars from all eras , just not
    for the same reason. It’s the same with any decade, some bad ugly cheap
    cars and some very nice. The roundness of the 30-40s, the fins and the
    chrome of the 50’s, the bulging rear quater panels of the late 60s and 70s,
    the perfect balance of weight vs technology of the early 90s and etc.

  • CORVAIRWILD 6 years ago

    I dunno much, sorry, and scrap is down, ma b that’s good

  • delmontcrusier 6 years ago

    That destroyer car with the rims welded on front looks like it was from the
    mad max movies.That yard is a gold mine of parts and projects.But I am not
    so fond of the stacking of cars.

  • tscholent 6 years ago

    and let me tell djoo Baby “Djoooo look marvellous”!

  • D4x4Bronc 6 years ago

    it’s hard for my generation to have an interested in these cars when mainly
    everyone was born in the late 80s, early 90s.

  • CORVAIRWILD 6 years ago

    Yeah, chnged ign switch, installed starter triangulation bracket, and w the
    help of an retired Chevy mechanic, we discovered that there’s no power at
    the lift pump fuse. I got a used relay, and nothing, so w o a test lamp,
    figure I’ll send switched power to the fuse, and get the pump running. We
    tried that this aft, and even tho it was clicking, still hard starting…
    Hmmm…. got lotsa trim goodies in another junkyard today. A subber texted
    me, and open Sunday, and CHEAP!!! Got the lug I needed

  • 2leesproductions 6 years ago

    thats the derby car off desert car kings barracuda episode

  • Kyle Parkin 6 years ago

    Why the description? We know who you are and what you do! LOL

  • CORVAIRWILD 6 years ago

    Yup, I could bring that on the plane…

  • Erik Oldfield 6 years ago

    I have a 77 Cordoba with the 400, not sure what transmission(anyone know
    how to tell??). Traded a TV for it! That things a beast! Switched the
    original quadrajet carb with a Campbell. All its years in Washington didn’t
    treat it too badly. No Corinthian leather 🙁

  • CORVAIRWILD 6 years ago

    Yup… POS Sub is a pain… 1 Wheel lug is smaller, off to the Tosss. Try
    find the correct socket.. POS!!!

  • Graveltrucking 6 years ago

    You pack a sharpie pen with you lol. You are so famous now that you have to
    sign autographs for the groupies LOL. The old Chryslers and the sound of
    their gear reduction starters usually they killed the battery before the
    engine started.

  • Robert Gwinn 6 years ago

    cool stuff

  • SpookyMietz 6 years ago

    Cordoba and Corinthian Leather is like a trauma for you, isn’t it! 😀 LOL

  • spikedpunk 6 years ago

    Sigh. The pitfalls of buying a vehicle sight unseen, across the country.
    Sounds like this one is being a bit stubborn.