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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Now this is a brawl. What was used you ask?… Chairs? check, Tables? check, Toilet seat? check, Broken glass bottle? check, Flaming branding Iron? check. Descripcion de los cactus y sus semillas… Y respuesta de preguntas del video anterior.

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  • Brian Rose 5 years ago

    Classic ECW! 2 Classic old school pro wrestling legends! This is how pro
    wrestling should be at heart. I don’t really mean the fire and beer bottles
    but just the gritty and dirty. WWE is to produced, to slick, to clean these
    days I think. I think thats why I like going to indy shows so much. just
    some seats and bleachers around a ring in a smaller building and just
    wrestling. No million dollar light/titantron set up with bad acting…just
    pro wrestling. I’ve grown to really hate the words “sports entertainment”.?

  • Justin Barrett 5 years ago

    If anyone thinks this stuff is fake…Look up The Sheik or Abdullah the
    butcher. Sheik would really put nails in people and Abdullah would stab you
    with a fork or cut you with the blade he kept in his hand wraps. He even
    gave a former wrestler Hepatitis C?

  • Hugh Jass 5 years ago

    It may not be athletic.
    It may not be good acting.
    It may not be pg.
    But holy fuck it was entertaining!?

  • TheFastG 5 years ago

    Terry Funk es el maestro de Foley en lo que a estilo hardcore se refiere,
    el le ense

  • simon c 5 years ago

    hopefully this video lasts on youtube and those wwe fuckers don’t get to

  • bob cherry 5 years ago

    If wrestling would not have worked out, im shure being crash test dummies
    for the Russian auto makers would have been the second choice. ?

  • TheCodedtestament 5 years ago

    The fact this this legend is still alive is amazing.?

  • Ramesh Purja Pun 5 years ago

    terry and mick are both legend of wrestling?

  • Hannah Jones 5 years ago

    Randall from Clerks next to Foley at 1:13 haha?

  • anxofarmesto 5 years ago

    This was the real Golden Age of Wrestling…when WWF was heading into the
    Attitude Era competing with WCW and ECW. Even when the latter were absorbed
    and the Ruthless Aggression Era began, until RAW turned into a PG show,the
    new ECW was cancelled and and the WWE focused more on the entertainment
    part of the business.
    It was a pretty dams good run though…from the mid 90’s to the late
    2000’s, nearly a decade and a half of great wrestling matches, awesome
    entertainment for teenagers and young adults, amazing characters, fabulous
    storylines, based more on reality than on fantasy, controversial actions,
    blurred lines between reality and script…we may never see that ever

  • Kael2450 5 years ago

    Funk and Foley their matches were always great knockdown street fights.?

  • Dave A 5 years ago

    god gave foley a specially designed fat ass to land on?

  • HoodooFalls Or2DayWeDie 5 years ago

    Fucking GLORIOUS. This is the Kind of gritty, Knuckle scraping action the
    current wwe is trying to Keep in the closet. TLC, extreme rules, its
    Fucking childs play when i think back to matches like these. ?

  • NEXUS HOMER 5 years ago

    hmmm…. one question….. What year was this??

  • Nick Cage 5 years ago

    13:40 dewey is next, and the legend begins. seriously though, what kind of
    creep fan went to lengths to find out mick had a son named dewey and hold
    up disturbing signs like that.?

  • Guillermo Moreno 5 years ago

    we’ll never see a match up like this again :/?

  • MacDaddyKO 5 years ago

    I kid you not. I was at a bar last night sitting next to terry funk. Had no
    idea who he was and we were talking. He’s telling me about this time with
    the wwe and other wrestling organizations and I’m thinking it’s just some
    drunk bar fly feeding you a line of crap. I was very wrong ?

  • steviep76 5 years ago

    What a match!!!!?

  • zac curry 5 years ago

    Awesome god damn good o days?

  • Chris Nata 5 years ago

    ECW, the greatest promotion ever.?

  • Christopher John 5 years ago

    Stupid….does this take talent? Is this acting? Is this suppose to be
    impressive? ?

  • Scot harper 5 years ago

    Pathetic match this ECW sucked ?

  • 97SCT 5 years ago

    now you pig…..what the hell is wrong with the microphone!??

  • dan theman 5 years ago

    ric flair could not hang with any of mick foleys characters he is forever
    the hardcore legend?

  • floodedcar123 5 years ago

    Better then that PG shit of wwe?

  • Betsy Sayd 5 years ago

    Genial lili! Ahora me pongo a sacarle semillas a los mios!?

  • LILIANA ANGELERI 5 years ago