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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is an introduction to plants that you can eat around Arizona. Please do your own research on the plants listed in this video before deciding to eat them. This is to serve as a survival introduction to edible foods around Arizona for foraging purposes. Video Rating: / 5


  • Tiffany Patton 1 week ago

    some species of prickly pear taste like CRAP…I live in north AZ and no matter what some of the fruits even after processing for sweet juice ARE NOT SWEET and even astringent.

  • You can eat a San Pedro cactus, native of South America and trip your balls off

  • Ophelia Valentine 1 week ago

    Can you make a video on the future of downtown Phoenix? There are so many projects planned for the future and we might finally have a new tallest building. Look up Astra Phoenix on google images! It’s exciting. You can find more info about the other projects here

  • EverEvie111 1 week ago

    Cactus can be consumed raw in smoothies, Warning TMI ⚠️ it increases sexual fluids in both men and women which can be good for women in menopause or for infertility issues due to low fluids.

  • PICK THIS 1 week ago

    I'm considering buying a generator for power outs. Looking at a gas/propane powered one that could power half the ac in my house, some lights, and a fridge. Do you own one? Would you consider doing a video on them?

  • Shammai 1 week ago

    Look forward to ur next video

  • Gregory Sarmiento 1 week ago

    Thank you

  • Jim Dandy 1 week ago

    Try Jimson weed and oleander.

  • CCornelius 1 week ago

    No ayahuasca in AZ. And it's not a food! You'll puke and trip your brains out.

  • Tonio Espinoza 1 week ago

    When you going live again !?

  • Leticia Urbach 1 week ago


  • AZ Birds 1 week ago

    You're the man Jeff! Thanks for all the helpful info you've provided in all of your videos. I also just barely started a youtube channel all about Arizona. I would be very grateful if anyone checked it out/ helped me on my journey to 1k subs. Thanks everyone!

  • cgriffin805 1 week ago

    Interesting, you're quite the botanist.

  • Mary Smith 1 week ago

    100 in CG

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