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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Elmo Goes To Walmart and GETTING CACTUS STUCK IN FOOT We Decide to take a magical forest ride to the land of walmartus, there is where we started our quest to …… okay i did elmos voice in walmart and then kermit and the gang head out to the desert to record a video for arusupercereal’s video and marc gets a cactus in his ankle and foot. Friends in this video – grayden – Areusupercereal – most popular videos – Kermit sings Usher Full Original Video (GOODBYE VINE) Elmo and Kermit the Frog Car Karaoke! FT The Weeknd & Rihanna My Social sites GamerTag DAI Trickster Twitter Google+ Instagram KIK TheDAITrickster SnapChat – DAITricksterr #elmo #kermitTheFrog #Arizona Video Rating: / 5


  • TheDAITrickster 7 months ago


  • Ryan Player 7 months ago


  • Isabella Granados 7 months ago

    Glad i know im not the only person who fucks around in Walmart

  • edward escandon 7 months ago


  • Raburabu 7 months ago

    Its deep in you? 🙂

  • Daniel Negron 7 months ago

    You should make Mickey Mouse a character

  • MasterEric 15571 7 months ago

    “Don’t breath on it.”

    *Steven proceeds to breath on it. Causes the alarm to go off

    That scene got me too good

  • supermariolarry 7 months ago

    4:10Greatest moments collection Thomas & Friends Kermit should review it then Blend it

  • swagfredbear 1236 7 months ago

    Steven does a good Mickey voice

  • Mike NLFE 7 months ago

    ah damn i got one of those bastards stuck through my flipflop once had to throw my flipflop away

  • Ghost Rider 7 months ago

    You guys have been making my day good my great Nana died today you guys are very good at making me laugh.

  • Angelique Kanamoni 7 months ago

    angies adventures would be much more entertaining

  • Left2 KillYou 7 months ago

    Request : Kermit and Elmo visit Best In Class

  • Domonic Yazzie 7 months ago

    This was made on my sister's birthday

  • John Schonder 7 months ago

    Poor mark

  • Jessica Baumgarte 7 months ago


  • swagdrizzyfelipe Martinez 7 months ago

    Marc be like: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Inferno G 7 months ago

    4 people got cactus in their foot and disliked

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