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  • Matty Bouchard 1 month ago

  • RAWAT s 1 month ago

    No matter you see this or not but i just wanted to tell you are always in my head and heart. This song always the best song you sing.

  • Gokhan Kansoy 1 month ago

    Türk Yok mu

  • Caesar 1 month ago

    Wentworth Miller

  • ThomasFan 1945 1 month ago

    I only re-discovered this song after 8 years last night while listening to the recovery soundtrack and damn, I missed this song

  • MishaODuH 1 month ago


  • Somnath Chatterjee 1 month ago

    Who's listening to this on a clear night in june?

  • GODSPEED 1 month ago

    Ima shoot myself like he did last time I Od but someone had to fucking save me

  • The Shadow 1 month ago

    When I listen to this I always imagine myself with my crush lol

  • bugok ka! 1 month ago

    January 15, 2020

  • karam zidan 1 month ago

    Guys somone help me understand the video so dose he imagine seeing her the whole time ? dose the video view the 2 possible senarios that could happen ? dose he actually choke her and then relive the memory of meeting her which would explain how he was in the back seat and the passenger seat at the same time ?! i love mestyry plot twists and the lyrics are deep no doupt !

  • Sarcastic Gullibles 1 month ago

    finally 300M!!

  • Dustin King 1 month ago

    Wow this definitely hits different during heartache

  • DALTON 123 1 month ago

    I wish I could go back to this time. Getting older sucks

  • Nik W 1 month ago

    Gossip Girl got me here

  • Destiny Rapz 1 month ago

    Anyone Here 2020?

  • Bob Jim Bob Jim 1 month ago

    There’s something I just really like about this music video

  • Arhan Deshmukh 1 month ago


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