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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We say EMPIRE Turf is “Drought Tough”. What does that mean in comparison with St. Augustine Grass? This short video will explain the difference. Video Rating: / 5


  • St. Augustine has much more drought tolerance than what is talked about here.

  • Jake Lane 1 year ago

    It's not true to state St.Augustine grass turning brown is dying.  I've had it for 12 years and it goes brown into dormancy in the summer with lack of water and turns brown during winter.  It greens up perfectly the moment it gets water in the summer (once went without water for 6 weeks) or in the spring.  It also tolerates shade better than Empire.  I've had both and St Augustine is preferable in west TN.

  • 426 SUPER BEE 1 year ago

    No one should ever plant bahia grass for a lawn!!  It sucks  I like Centipede and St. Augustine the best The Centipede is the best, but a lighter green color, But Hey i only mow it  2x a year ,and save on all the gas, wear and tear on me and my lawn mower…and never get over 7" tall,  while others mow 2x a week, and only water it in the dough, How fun is that on a hot day to play in the water as you water your grass… it with stands heat and cold  full sun or even shade Sure it cost a lot of money for the seeds but its well worth it in my books, now i just set back and enjoy my lawn with out all the mowing and care, and laugh at my neighbors working there asses off mowing all the time, trying to keep up with how good my grass looks and it always looks great             So its Grandy Green for me !       CHEERS

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