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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The Utrecht Botanic Gardens were some of the oldest university gardens in the Netherlands, but after relocating in the early 1960s, the new Botanic Gardens were opened. What I particularly liked about this garden was how they integrated animal life within its confines; as well as being a proponent for biological control vs. pesticides for 20+ years! Enjoy the tour with the Head Gardener, Roel Vonk. Relevant links:` Utrecht Botanic Gardens: __ Homestead Brooklyn’s Plant One On Me is an informal question-and-answer series on all your green home and gardening tips as well as insider tours, interviews and travelogues. Questions get sent in via here—below the videos, on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn #PlantOneOnMe, or Facebook @summerrayneoakes and @homesteadbrooklyn. ——————————– Cool Stuff ↴ ——————————– ➨ Support the upcoming Houseplant Masterclass: ➨ How to Make a Plant Love You Book launching 2019 And want to be kept up-to-date with all the great giveaways, gardening news, and latest videos and blogs? ——————————– Follow/Sub ↴ ——————————– ▶ Weekly Vlog: ▶ Instagram+IGTV: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Twitter: @sroakes ( ▶ Blog: ▶ Newsletter: ——————————– Don’t forget: if you like this episode and the others, then be sure to “subscribe” to this channel. This really does help keep the channel moving forward! Video Rating: / 5


  • Barbara Lindberg 1 year ago

    Very interesting tour. It helps to hear that sometimes greenhouses struggle to grow certain plants.

  • Fraukuckucksuhr 1 year ago

    Great episode! Thank you!

  • Charlton Vaughan 1 year ago

    Bless his heart. Roel did a fantastic job in this video. English is my first language and Spanish is my second. I can only imagine or hope that I could have done as well a job as he did. I don't know if I could have without struggling through it. It's also wonderful that no matter where we go in the world, if we want to speak to another plant enthusiast or botanic garden we have the latin or scientific names to give us commonality.

  • Roxanne Heijnis 1 year ago

    So lovely! I really need to visit the botanic garden in Utrecht sometime soon!

  • Korey Ratering 1 year ago

    I know its kinda of subject of the video but, I was wondering if i can grow Elephant ear inside during the winter?
    Thanks, Korey

  • Rob Boyle 1 year ago

    Great video loved the orchid house and the Ant plants.

  • Anita Lee-Yu 1 year ago

    Hes awesome…hope u will go bk..those plants r amazing.

  • Francesco Paoselli 1 year ago

    Hi Summer, is there any chance that you could do an episode on where and how you research for plant species?

  • Glenda Cox 1 year ago

    Beyond fascinating! Thank you!

  • Trisna Eko Wiyatni Kawaii 1 year ago

    Kindly interested for the Cocaine leaves.. LOL

  • Adrian Hidalgo 1 year ago

    All those plants are my neighboards here en Venezuela ♥️

  • Jardinerong Sunog 1 year ago

    Nepenthes do not grow in Central and South America- at least in the wild.

  • Kathy Gilbreath 1 year ago

    So many different plants. Wow!! Thanks for sharing this magnificent place.

  • azdesertrunner56 1 year ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

  • Drinkyoghurt 1 year ago

    Btw, if you're still in the Netherlands and in Utrecht, go visit Breukelen. It's where the name Brooklyn comes from. It's a small town with a nice atmosphere.

  • Drinkyoghurt 1 year ago

    So weird, I used to live and study there and came by the Botanische Tuinen almost daily but never actually went because I wasn't really interested in plants back then. Now I really want to go back there and visit the gardens, such an amazing place!

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