Waterfalls in Planet Zoo do well on YouTube right? Ok, well how about I make ONLY waterfalls then?

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Planet Botanic is a dream that I can finally make come true! With the plethora of incredible flora options provided by Frontier, I am setting out to make the community’s best Botanical Garden – complete with themed cultural gardens, beautiful water features and layered design. I absolutely love the Huntington Library in Pasadena and if I can make something a fraction as grand as that, this project will have been a success!


Based off of the stunning Huntington Library in Pasadena CA, this Planet Zoo Botanical Garden is rooted in Planet Zoo Realistic Design using climate based themes. Planet Zoo Waterfall drops into the beautiful Planet Zoo Pond where you’ll find all kinds of Planet Zoo Biological flora such as impressive Planet Zoo Trees and dainty Planet Zoo Flowers. A one-of-a-kind Planet Zoo Aquarium and terrarium combine to make a stunning Planet Zoo Design of an indoor aquaterrarium. There are many special Planet Zoo Exhibits filled with Planet Zoo Animals with one special one featuring the mighty Planet Zoo Komodo Dragon. Other Planet Zoo Garden include a culturally-sensitive Planet Zoo Asia Garden and a water-wise Planet Zoo Desert Garden, complete with their own Planet Zoo Exhibits.


Planet Zoo is a construction and management simulation video game developed and published by Frontier Developments. The game is a spiritual successor to the Zoo Tycoon series, and is perfect for the realistic detailer or the animal lover at heart!
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Ep. 1: "The AquaTerrarium" | Planet Botanic | Planet Zoo Let's Play

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