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  • Austin Paz 4 years ago

    I wish I could go to that garden.

  • Collin Dolbin 4 years ago

    That looks like an eight ball gourd which is basically a round zucchini

  • Tracy Wang 4 years ago


  • KL NYC 4 years ago

    Hey i have a question. Where did you get your woodchips in Tempe? I do BTE garden here on the east coast but always wondered how easy it would be to do it out in AZ where there aren't many trees.

  • Vegans Living Off the Land 4 years ago

    I am in love with your forest garden

  • Vegans Living Off the Land 4 years ago

    Hmm looked like a pumpkin

  • John Purdome 4 years ago

    That's a pumpkin which is just a hard squash, you can eat them young like that as  a summer squash or let them change color and they will store well.

  • Steve Urkle 4 years ago

    Very nice!

  • Courtney McFarland 4 years ago

    Looks like a pumpkin

  • Jora Lebedev 4 years ago

    New to your channel and love it.  Doesn't the spherical nature of the fruit from the first plant make you think it might not be a zucchini?  Half my backyard here in Minnesota is now wood chips, BTW.  Less lawn, more veggies.

  • Tony Ph 4 years ago

    Hey Jake, quick question. I wanted to buy some land that's pretty much in the desert area of California and came across your videos on how you grow your garden and some fruit trees in hot Phoenix AZ. I was wondering if the temperature is the only thing to consider? Or do I have to also consider soil and humidity and all that too? Your videos are very inspiring and I wanted to do something like what you've done! But not sure if it's doable or a good idea to do it in Twentynine Palms, CA. Thanks, and keep up the good work with the vids!

  • Allotmental 4 years ago

    I might just throw some zucchini seeds down on some wood chips i have a see if they grow :-)

  • Nathan L 4 years ago

    That "zucchini" looks an awful lot like an unripe pumpkin.

  • James West 4 years ago

    …"my yard is now alive, and I have no control over it." What submission. ROFL. Don't forget to harvest and eat the squash blossoms. Very delicious. I am sure Pam can find a proper way to prepare them. On another note….The videos that you and Shamus are doing are fantastic.

  • ladyplantenergy 4 years ago

    Hi Jake. Love your videos. I'm in Australia and we are told not to use wood chips because of the oils in the eucalyptus. I used wood chips for the paths a few years ago. I let plants  go to seed to save seed. I noticed the plants coming up in the paths were not attacked by bugs and grew so quickly and strong. Digging around the soil under the wood chips where full of worms and castings it was rich and black. I have sandy soils. Last spring i wood chipped most my garden. I use compost bins  that i put near trees I spread out and covered with wood chips. The pumpkins that came up were amazing producing 12 Queensland blues they died down and Japanese pumpkins replaced them they are still growing unusual as we are heading into winter. No work from me and no water. Its been the driest summer since records where kept. I have used only a quarter of the water consumption compared to last year. My fruit trees are abundant in fruit. Largest crops I've had and very tasty. Go the wood chips. Unfortunately have to pay for them and its expensive here.

  • Satoshi Chomsky 4 years ago


  • Hardcore gardener 4 years ago

    I get a lot of volunteers too, usually tough plants grow well. Yellow crooknecks are my fav, I grow way too many of them every year. 

  • Susan Valkai 4 years ago

    squashes truly are not picking plants

  • Camp RandD 4 years ago

    This is by far the most awesome thing! Love your videos! You are a good gardener! I have an area like that with wood chips – guess everybody what I am going to plant there!!! Gardeners rock! From Ontario Canada gardener….

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