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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today we take out the all new Pro-Line Racing 1/25 Scale Ambush 4×4 Micro Crawler to the new RC Overload outdoor micro crawling course. Also known as Gnomes Revenge. This Course was built in my backyard from an old garden that never got used this year. So instead of having it do nothing, I turned the whole area into a micro scale crawling course. I only used things i found around my yard including, rocks, sticks, and bark to assemble this course in order to make it look more realistic. The only thing that is not real is the tower witch is a fake piece of bark that was taken from my old lizards cage that i had sitting around. works perfect by the way! The Ambush did extremely well in the course, tackling everything i threw at it. I only ended up rolling it over a handful of times from not paying attention to what i was doing when i was filming this video. Otherwise this little monster of an RC is an absolute blast to mess around with in the backyard course and is very easy to do so. Its beyond capable in climbing almost anything in its path and with the help of the flat iron tires and the worm gear setup. It sticks to everything making crawling 100 times easier to do! Having the three speed selector on the controller certainly made climbing some of those steep inclines a lot easier and the motor certainly provides enough torque and speed to move this truck around with ease. So far i have run about 5-6 batteries threw the Ambush Crawler and I’m averaging about 30-45 mins of run time on a full battery. Also between my son carter, my girl […]


  • David Nabor 2 years ago

    They seem Fun. They seem quality. Im gonna order one. Thanks to you. Wish i had somthing like that as a kid.

  • CarClimate 2 years ago

    Nice!! Is the truck waterproof?

  • David George 2 years ago

    Hey I just got one , are these brushless ?

  • Worlds Vehicles 2 years ago


  • AdventureQuest RC 2 years ago

    Awesome Micro Crawler mate! I'm so glad I bought my Trail Trekker before they discontinued them. However, now it appears I may have another micro crawler in my near future! Thanks for bringing this little guy to our attention!

  • Dwayne Baker 2 years ago

    I think the scale appearance, flat irons, leaf Springs, is way better than my losi trail trekker, no comparison, it's junk compared to thos☺

  • CodesEmpire 2 years ago

    Fun stuff Matt! Sparky & I sure enjoyed this. Sparky wants one of these now, lol! Thumbs up!

  • Cody Sharp 2 years ago

    nice video man. I really like that mini. is that the only color it comes in?

  • humble rc 2 years ago

    love the gnomes. look out smurfette, you're about to get ambushed! 😉

  • Mitchel99 2 years ago

    great video

  • CromagnonCommando 2 years ago

    Such a sweet little machine. Too bad it will never hold up against the Trail Trekker. Much too rigid with almost zero articulation. I'm on the fence about this thing with it costing so much. The price only reflects Brand Name and not Performance. Great video though. You do the Manufacturer a great service.

  • King Scott 2 years ago

    Great edit! Not that in to the micros but still very cool.

  • ArielsSmartyPants 2 years ago

    I really dig this little truck. Nice course too.

  • James Taylor 2 years ago

    Should be he official proline video!

  • Daniel Navarro 2 years ago

    Hi Matt, I would like to upgrade the motor and esc of my 1/10 RTR Yeti, I
    would like some more speed and at least the same torque, if possible
    without major modifications, can you please tell me what ESC/motor combo will be
    good? It's all upgraded with HD gears, titanium and aluminum parts,MIP,Vanquish,SSD,etc, reason why it's heavier and slower. I was thinking 4S and maybe higher pinion but I don't want to loose torque … Thanks!

  • Theibault 2 years ago

    Nice course Matt! The little Ambush appears so capable. Will certainly get one for the winter. Keep up the good work bud!

  • Adam Hire /rc 2 years ago

    that little thing does pretty good

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