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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Juegos Baratos de PC: CANAL DE JUEGOS DE RISA Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bienvenidos a Google Feud. Un juego donde al parecer Obama es un Cactus. Y ya. Video Rating: / 5 We stick a cactus on the end of an arrow and fire it at my belly! ► Subscribe for new videos every Thursday! ► Results are in! You voted for ‘Tarantula/Scorpion Eating Game’, watch it here: ► Want to see more of my challenges? Here’s a playlist: ► Keep up to date, my social links below: – facebook: – twitter: – instagram: – snapchat: PeterBamforth NEW VIDEO EVERY THURSDAY 8PM (GMT). Music: ‘Volatile Reaction’ AND ‘Lively Lumpsucker’ Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License I take on crazy challenges suggested by viewers! I also do trick shots, shorts, and the occasional vlog. Subscribe! Video Rating: / 5


  • kârëńčhüSs sömõos čöøl 4 years ago

    2a parte dalacito

  • eloiza sanchez 4 years ago

    jajajaa que bueno Dalas!!

  • Cuervito 4 years ago

    Yo como hielo. Es bastante agradable cuando hace calor, y me gusta como suena al masticarlo.

  • Eres mu tonto macho

  • io encerio komo ielo :v enserio cuando era pekheñiah mis padres ne daban hielo pa ke me kaiara

  • Catalino De la Rosa Torres 4 years ago

    feud se significa feudo

  • Mafer SE 4 years ago

    Dalas te hago acordar que tenías que hacer un vídeo con una persona más en GOOGLE FEUD :'D , ya quiero que salga ese vídeo amo tus vídeos.

  • Mafer SE 4 years ago

    Obama es un cactus? what?

  • me metí en google feud y me salio una pregunta que decía los perros pueden aprender a… y derrepente se me ha ocurrido poner volar Y ERA LA PRIMERA xDD


  • Aaron_Al916 MC y mas o menos 4 years ago

    markiplier es peor que dalasito

  • Juan Jesus 4 years ago

    Dalas ya deja las drogas

  • Rodrigo Ramirez7u7 4 years ago

    Si Obama es un cactus entonces Trump es una buena persona :v

  • asdwefwe efwefwegf 4 years ago

    yo como hielo </3

  • Raquelita 512 4 years ago

    Taylor Swift no es ninguna mentirosa

  • camila curts 4 years ago

    yo he buscado comer hielo matadme

  • Francisco Garcia Belchi 4 years ago

    +limon 4k yo tambien creia eso

  • Giorgelis Gil 4 years ago

    jajajaja mori de risaa con el ''no son humanos'' jajajaja

  • Manuel Alejandro Topete Sarabia 4 years ago

    Dalas tiene un clon malvado llamado WhaTheGame :v

  • mutant hannah 4 years ago

    lol, "is that blood? Oh well"

  • Katelyn Heckeler 4 years ago

    Tearing a cactus out of the ground with your hand

  • Natalie Kuhn 4 years ago

    Use wax strips to get out the thorns

  • Undertale Lord 4 years ago

    I can feel the pain, literally!

  • CatTheWolf PlaysMc 4 years ago

    sorry, you do this with 60,000 subs and why?? SkyVsGaming has 12,000,000 subs and he only does ghost peppers . . .

  • Minecraft Player 4 years ago

    u r 1 of the toufest ppl in the world

  • Jeesus on Herra. 4 years ago

    2:27 omg. Who's your real GOd?! Mine is Jesus Christ 'n He really REALLY loves u too. Actually He wants to save u so much amen. God Bless:D

  • Brandon Mendez 4 years ago

    He really sucks at shooting that, God dam

  • Ronald Tolentino 4 years ago

    omg this makes me fell like having da pain to

  • FuzzyFive5 4 years ago

    He just moves out of the way???

  • Journeiosity Craft 4 years ago


  • Domah8ater 4 years ago

    For the views as fuck

  • Patrick Hazelton 4 years ago

    How do you vote for whats next? Is it a website?

  • LinhCartlight SJ 4 years ago

    You are completely crazy my friend!!, how could you do that! jajaja

  • Bryson Davis 4 years ago

    I dont usually comment but when I do I get 0 likes

  • Castellaneta 24 4 years ago

    how long can you grab a cactus as hard as you can.

  • Toxic-turtle75 34 4 years ago

    Hot glue stuff to your body or staple gun roulette

  • The every day nerfer 4 years ago

    y do u do dis ur self

  • Diamond Bros 4 years ago

    NUT SHOT XD lol

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