Explore Boy Scout Cave | Red Mountain Desert Garden St. George Utah Pt 4

Explore the Boy Scout Cave | Red Hills Desert Garden St George Utah Pt 4 (We had a fun holiday in the spring and this channel was not opened at the time, so we are just making these fun video blogs now! Hope you like it and look forward to it. One episode!) The day of April 6, 2021 ends with exploring this cool cave and using it to escape the sandstorm! We continue to the Red Mountain Desert Garden in St. George’s Pioneer Park to explore and learn about the local cacti and other plants. Then we stopped at an interesting playground on the way back to the hotel. We were exhausted and experienced so many adventures (see this video and the first 3 uploads), we decided that relaxing in the hot tub was perfect! This crazy day made us have dinner very late and the restaurant was closed, so we stopped at the grocery store to eat some microwave food-not as good as we had the next night-(future video) but it is A great way to end this day! We hope you like our story📖, like this video👍🏼 and subscribe to watch more! Don’t forget to say “Hi”👋🏼 and leave us an interesting comment💞 to reply!


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