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  • Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior 2 months ago

    never go in a mine alone and without an oxygen meter. if theres no air flow in the mine that could be a bad thing.

  • MillerMeteor74 2 months ago

    Bats are awesome. Don't be so afraid. They won't hurt you. Bees on the other hand… But you made it.

  • Andrew Trucker 2 months ago

    Ok I saw one guy in a you tube clip and his dog chased a mountain lion in a cave it looked like that other cave you went on where the tracks went up and it killed his dog don’t let people put pressure on you I think it wasn’t safe to go in alone CUs in case something happened just voicing my concerns I know I joked with you before but I can tell you were scared and of corse I was too it looked scarey just be safe ok
    People who pressure you just don’t care remember that when I was about 12 years old are used to have nightmares about the basement in the apartment building and one day I couldn’t take it anymore and I went down in the pitch dark and that wouldn’t every room just like you went into the cave and it doesn’t help at all and when I was 17 E. to going to abandon houses and then I will come back and do it alone and it doesn’t help at all it was just not the smartest thing for me to do so yeah and I used to go to the desert and I was always afraid to go into a mine because there’s a sign there that says do not enter it says warning danger it might collapse so yeah I was always afraid but now I see what it looks like inside of the mine I would definitely go in there but I really don’t think it safe to go in there alone and I definitely would carry a weapon even if it’s just to stick but I’ve come across wild animals in the woods before like a wolf a bear hey Cal Yodie Wildboar I spend a lot of time in the wilderness even went to wilderness survival school and are used to go hiking a lot I spent three months in a row camping out at worst you just have to be really careful when you go inside of mine because it might collapse and tarantulas animals just don’t take risks don’t go into any more mines by yourself

  • Andrew Trucker 2 months ago

    Your voice is very calming to me to be honest

  • Andrew Trucker 2 months ago

    So who wS filming you go in I just recall did they go in too?

  • John Scott 2 months ago

    You should Never Alone Exploring the Unknown.
    Nevertheless, your so cute and adorable with a nice voice. Thanks for the share as I'd gave a Ball around you.

  • Andrew Trucker 2 months ago

    Yes never go in alone is right CUs air can be bad or you can faint or meet animal but I like the wet tunnel and on the end I was right it was all about the bats and the bees that’s awesome !

  • Dirk Diggler 2 months ago

    nice ass!

  • Not the bees!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • OG JAYSEE 2 months ago

    What is the name of this mine and how can I find it!

  • david sul 2 months ago

    A nice little hardrock mine with good reverb. generally the most stable. If you don't love mines, you shouldn't explore them. You nust love what you're doing to do it the safest. And you need to know the hazards in abandoned mines, and know what you're doing. In regard to safety.some abandoned mines contain areas of oxygen-depleted air, you should always carry an oxygen monitor with you when entering an unfamiliar mine. It will sound it's alarm if oxygen levels go below a danger threshhold. It will also give a reading on oxygen content as you go through the mine. Wandering into an oxygen-starved area can overcome you before you know it. And you should always carry three independent sources of light with you just as cavers do when going into caves. (This protects against Murphy's Law.) Another thing you should carry is a respirator with a good hepafilter on it to protect against toxic or radioactive dust. On that note, a geiger counter would be a good investment too. Abandoned mines have vertical shafts and winzes, and deep stopes, often covered by false wooden floors that may be weakened or rotten and could give way under you without warning sending you falling hundreds of feet to your death. False floors are often covered by loose rocks and dust making them invisible to any unwary explorer. They also contain sagging and deteriorating wooden shoring and timbering with tons of loose waste rock on top of them and could collapse any time. Ladders in abandoned mines could be rotten and could give way under your weight too. Another hazard is old abandoned dynamite and blasting caps that may be very unstable with age and could detonate if disturbed. NEVER TOUCH IT!!!! I'm not saying don't explore them if you love them, just know what you're doing! BTW, the only bats that are dangerous are rabid ones that are delirious and hallucinating, and can't tell where they're flying. If one collides with you and scratches or bites you You are then exposed to rabies. Insofar as your format of doing things to overcome fear, the best approach is to learn or study about the things you fear. Knowledge and understanding is the best solution to it. Don't do dangerous things not having any knowledge about them. BTW, is that mine private property? I don't see one of those BLM safety warning signs in fornt of it like you often see in front of public BLM-owned mines.

  • 001DesertRat 2 months ago

    First off, unless you are familiar with the underground (as I am – Mine Owner / Operator) you should always go with a companion. Secondly, your biggest fear is fear itself because it makes you do stupid stuff like running down a mine drift without a hardhat and hitting your head and knocking yourself unconscious or worse , or falling into a pit or shaft. Also, as far as Bats are concerned, just think of them as a flying mouse, just leave them alone, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. — < Doc , Miner for nearly 50 years > .

  • Mark Lacey 2 months ago

    Mountain lion probably was what those bones are from. Possibly a coyote.

  • Mark Lacey 2 months ago

    You're to funny.

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