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  • Tim Barton 4 years ago

    never carry matches. Is he one of the last Indians found stated the match was the greatest thing he had seen.?

  • Ryan Taylor 4 years ago

    barc scorpions aren't gonna kill you. I have had them crawl up my bed and I have stepped on them barefoot. hurts like a bitch for a few hours… but that's all. The spiders are what will potentially kill you. Fuckers live EVERYWHERE. Good thing is that if you leave them alone, they leave you alone. Every gila monster I have seen ran from me a good distance away, and desert snakes make good snacks:)?

  • Cheryl Preston 4 years ago

    those scorpions ain't that bad I've stung by them a bunch of times but if you're allergic to them it will be bad news?

  • sparrow Helm 4 years ago

    I am a native Arizonan and I grew up in ahwatukee which is a suburb in phoenix and I always hiked the south mountains and my parents taught me to always have water on me when

  • MAGNUM44 4 years ago

    they had a price on their head. shame on YOU. Freedom fucking fighters were Natives not you fucking Europeans. Hitler is nothing comparing you .?

  • claudia rockwell 4 years ago

    The spiders are huge ?

  • Jeff Ramey 4 years ago

    Love Arizona and the Dragoon Mountains!?

  • April Jones 4 years ago

    I've only been to the Sonoran desert once so far, although I hope to go again. Its hostility somehow makes it more beautiful.?

  • amaar iqbal 4 years ago

    i love arizona

  • Lord Vader 4 years ago

    Great video and job done. Thank tou!

  • Gregory Salazar 4 years ago

    I have lived in the Sonoran Desert since 2002. I love going on long hikes in the desert. The survival skills in this film are very informative and helpful. I plan on making this hike next year.

  • DD826 4 years ago

    something about a "twinky" giving anyone survival tactics, doesn't instill confidence.

  • shootingzen28fav 4 years ago

    Alright guys got any water? Extreme!!!!

  • xiiixiiixiii 4 years ago

    never watch bear grills, that man is a froaud

  • andrew kong chee weng 4 years ago

    i see Bear Gryll light a fire using the same tactic but your's all the most clear that you show the close shot which is very helpful ,thanks

  • mesatop5 4 years ago

    That's great country.