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  • teddyearp 4 years ago

    I'm sorry. Your video(s) is/are entertaining, but if you want to show how to live like an apache, your fire blows it. I don't even build camp fires that big. Get real man.

  • Joe Guzman 4 years ago

    Does anybody knows the hat hecis wearing 

  • BorisTheSpyder 4 years ago

    Dude, i would say those boots of yours were fucking toast years ago!
    ……dont be so fkn cheap ….buy another !!!

  • sparrow Helm 4 years ago

    one thing you can do that I learned from the apache musum out her..if you are getting thirsty and your getting low on water what Geronimo would do is put a little pebble under his tounge to keep siliva going so you don't get dehydrated

  • Sigkim 4 years ago

    Hey there and howdy from sunny southern Arizona. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and I had to reflect a bit. "This bloody Brit knows more about the desert around here then I do…bloody hell".

        Thank you sir and if I need a refresher course Ill be sure to call jolly old England:)

         Wonderful video, cheers mate!

  • mr james 4 years ago

    I love the humanity he adds to nearly all his videos. He may demonstrate a skill or some knowledge but quite often put it in context of life.

  • RhodieFreedomCamp 4 years ago

    What happened to the indiginous indians, and how they were and are treated, is criminal. They had so much to offer, more than the average nonindiginous who have destroyed the country

  • TheJansport1 4 years ago

    I call bullshit!  He's in that desert in either the winter or spring.  It's not as hard to survive in those months.  I'm a third generation Arizonan and I can say that had he done this show in the summer, he would have been dead within one day.  That water he found does not normally flow like that (like never!).  Water in the desert is generally stagnate and full of bacteria because it collects. Drinking stale water in the desert is a sure fire way to get sick and die by dehydration from crapping ones self so often.

  • Emanuel Najera 4 years ago

    Too bad he did show us how to eat a cactus paddle! Nopales are delicious 

  • DimebagVision 4 years ago

    The Brits know more about surviving in the desert than those yank americans. LOL!!!!

  • amaar iqbal 4 years ago

    i love arizona u r so lucky

  • Tankbeard 4 years ago

    I have lived here my entire life and had no idea the uses of those plants. This is great information. Thank you!

  • A68170 4 years ago

    Wow that was a long way….Humm he doesn't evern have a drop of sweat on his forehead….LOL

  • mrfurball 4 years ago

    At 00:34 "how's your hotel" oh snap, no he didn't…maybe he should call bear grizzly , oh snap , no I didn't.

  • SylvanusTheGreenMan 4 years ago

    Missed an important point for the solar still using cactus, first you must split the pads open to expose the moisture more fully. Also, make sure you set your pit on a South facing slope.

  • MrMarcosdelarosa 4 years ago

    yes it was unfortunatley

  • jon doe 4 years ago

    Wasn't that spray paint

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