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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Fall Desert Garden Tour Oct 11th 2020 I’m getting ready to try DE to control the spider mites. Check Out My Video On Aloe These row covers were pretty easy to put up. Here are the books I use to research and looking up the things for my Medicinal Garden. Herbal Antivirals- Herbal Antibiotics- Medicinal Herbs- These are the products I’m using from Amazon Mineral Oil- Sprayer- Veggie Chopper- Canning book- Canning Jars- Seed Start Container- Jiffy Seed Start Mix- Jiffy Peat Pellets- Jiffy Cardboard Pots- Shade Cloth- We are excited to be an affiliate of Mighty Crop. Use promo code “TeamBenson” for 10% off If you want to help support Team Benson and our Journey to build our forever Homestead check out our Amazon Wish List Planting Guide Home Check Out our Social Pages FB-@TeamBenson Wines IG: @TeamBenson Email: If you want to send us something we love seeds!!! 2320 E Baseline Rd Suite 148-277 Phoenix, AZ 85042 #DesertGardener #GardenTour #PlantingInOct Video Rating: / 5 Soil is the foundation for an abundant and healthy garden. Here are 5 tips that will build you awesome soil. Thanks for the kind words and support 😁🐕❤️ SUPPORT ME AND TUCK →Amazon affiliate link: →Merchandise: MY FAVORITE GARDEN PRODUCTS! → Birdies Raised Beds: COUPON CODE: TUCK →Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculant: →6 Mil Greenhouse plastic: →Row Cover: →Neem Oil: →Insect Netting: →BT Spray for Brassicas: →Pruners I use: →Tomato Clips: →Square Foot Gardening Book: →My Boots ALSO FIND ME ON →Facebook: →Twitter: →Instagram: →Contact: (Business Only) Video Rating: / 5


  • Faris AL hashmi 2 weeks ago

    "Team Benson" Hi. I'm thirteenI really love your videos. It has inspired me to start growing veg in my area in oman which has a very similar climate to yours. Keep up the good work

  • The Everyday Life of an OCDish Chick 2 weeks ago

    I stumbled upon your channel. New subscriber here.

  • uppanadam74 2 weeks ago

    Surprised you didn't study to be a primary school teacher?? It would suit you!! :-)!!

  • I put down DE to kill ants and then saw a praying mantis on one of my planters so I cleaned all the DE up. Unfortunately, DE can kill a lot of beneficials and I want more praying mantises. I just wish this one would enjoy a diet of ants.

  • Angela's Busy Bees Garden and Homestead 2 weeks ago

    I wish we had some of that heat. We’ve been getting lots of rain. Thanks for sharing.

  • Missy Grando 2 weeks ago

    I just need one maybe two degrees here in Texas 9A. I could not even plant my seedlings until the threat of Hurricane Laura and 'nem passed.

  • Hot & Ready 2 weeks ago

    Looks great, keep it up! Lol it's a good day for you.

  • Andrea Wilson 2 weeks ago

    Hint hint, de will kill any worms you have in the soil, if you are concerned with that.

  • Miller's garden 2 weeks ago

    Send some of the heat up north in NY

  • tom n 2 weeks ago


  • John Mckell 2 weeks ago

    I like the part of not having to pay them or provide health benefits…Very informative fertilized with a hint of humour..

  • clinton stonich 2 weeks ago

    Dude, I've been watching you for about a year now and last spring a got 20 cubic yards of arborist wood chips delivered to my house and my soil is already better! I have tons of worms now and when I dig into the ground it looks like dirt and not sand. Thanks for the tips! Very thankful I found your channel. Keep up the good work.

  • Buza Ákos 2 weeks ago

    Very good video James, thank you for these fantastic tips.

  • SavageHippie 2 weeks ago

    Leaf mulch is amazing. Compost heap soil. Loam.

  • Tai Phan 2 weeks ago

    If the land has a lot of small, medium, large rocks. What should I do? Can these 5 tips help improve it? Thanks so much.

  • Napoleon GARDENING FARMING TV 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful ! We are also aiming to have a food forest. I have been following your harvest videos! Thanks a lot. Happy planting to all!

  • guilly 88 2 weeks ago

    Did you do an initial till or ground breaking to mix in the organic matter?

  • The Grumpy Horticulturist 2 weeks ago

    Easy humus: save your fall leaves!

  • Thomas Hamilton 2 weeks ago

    What is wooder?

  • Igor Sidelkovsky 2 weeks ago

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  • Samatar Ali 2 weeks ago

    Never joke on health insurance
    cost having to be paid if u do its your loss in the future when companies stop paying but yeah mother nature does all the work and we benefit for free and monetize it

  • harrydean bentzel 2 weeks ago

    Good to know. Gracias Guey

  • Mëøw gang 2 weeks ago

    How do you make sure you have good soil structure?

  • Ignacio 2 weeks ago

    Worms work 24/7 . They dont need health insurance. Awesome

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