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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is the most important step in a successful fall garden here in the desert. Harpers has been using this simple but effective garden prep guide to help create dream gardens for nearly 70 years John from goes on a field trip to The Tomato Ladies House to show you how she is able to grow tomatoes in the desert and harvest 600 pounds a day in peak season. In addition, you will learn what else can easily grow in the Las Vegas desert environment. After watching this video you will be confident that you can grow in the Desert of Las Vegas or any desert using the right techniques. You can contact Leslie at and her channel at

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  • Hlwan Moe 5 years ago

    How many ton of tomato can yield per acre and how long??

  • Sean Jory 5 years ago

    this dud is so amazingly uneducated in the subject matter he is discussing, he should be shot!?

  • phillip kriel 5 years ago

    Oh so large, just like the bitches like it.?

  • Nayr Tnartsipac 5 years ago

    Gotta love John. Total nerd. but this dude is dedicated. He goes everywhere on the west coast and beyond. I would love to see him go to vietnam, morocco, or israel and do videos on the food forest and innovative farming being done there?

  • Nayr Tnartsipac 5 years ago

    you really got into leslies bush?

  • James Jameson 5 years ago

    your great !!!, what kind of soil should i use and whats the best way to keep them watered where there isn't much water and last thing what kind of methods should i use to repel insects .Thanks a lot?

  • RapTheNews 5 years ago

    Shes showing us all her tomatoes hmmm?

  • Alien Xeliose 5 years ago

    "Her nice huge bush"…I swear I'm not 12 but that just cracked me up!

  • agaveman 5 years ago

    Yes , being yourself is refreshing.

  • Jeez S. Christ 5 years ago

    Just planted my "home depot" garden. Built a box, filled with Miracle Gro and local soil. I am sure I will regret having used the MG stuff but I am just a beginner with a red thumb of death. Hoping to get some tomatoes and carrots, low expectations.

  • SuperKenneth187 5 years ago

    Damn you go a little too far you're like "I refuse to wipe my ass unless it is organic toilet paper".?

  • the4thj juno 5 years ago

    It's category is labeled "Education", why do you keep trying to selling me something?
    You've just said, "look at this!, she can sell you this".?

  • Eating Gardens 5 years ago

    Great video! ty for sharing.

  • hecamewithasword 5 years ago

    John, I

  • Carol Williamson 5 years ago

    Where is the best place to go for organic foods that is grown here??

  • Belinda Shields 5 years ago


  • Ed19601 5 years ago

    nuts like almonds are fairly prone to Aspergillus infections that produces aflatoxin. hence i can understand the governments rules about pasteurizing or treating nuts, but yes, growing yr own is always better?

  • altha2008 5 years ago

    Water restrictions now in Las Vegas and other place out there people needs to use their water from the bath tub, sinks, and washing machine

  • Mr Deanings 5 years ago

    ThatI'mGonnaBeAbleToGiveYouGuys. John should look at a rapping deal !

  • Marcus Aurelius 5 years ago

    I hope she wore that microphone during it.