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  • BLAH Chen 2 years ago

    Really good! Feel like this should be more well known.

  • Vera Gold 2 years ago

    very relexing video. beautiful painting. nice work.

  • Serena Barletta 2 years ago

    What's the name of the song? Tried to Shazam it but nothing which matches this music????
    Please put the credit to artists of these songs

  • do you have an insta?

  • Patrick Ley-Greaves (Pure Watercolour) 2 years ago

    Creative beautiful work. Great artist.

  • Pitsinee Puernngooluerm 2 years ago

    you are my all time favourite watercolour artist here :))

  • Audrey Katherine 2 years ago

    love this so much! please make more of these <3

  • Explicit Cheesecake 2 years ago

    Does the paint dry off fast? or do you have to wait it to dry in order to layer it?

  • Jessica616ify 2 years ago

    So so cute

  • Dung Huỳnh 2 years ago

    which is the sketchbook name? :")

  • NicoleArt 2 years ago

    +MyPetiteCakes I love the red flowers you added! It really gives it a "pop" of color! X3

  • Vivian Tang 2 years ago

    Did you go to art school or ever take art classes?

  • Elhaam Hasan 2 years ago

    Three seconds into the video and I fell into a trance. This is so beautiful it's almost painful.

  • suzyz9 2 years ago

    this brush looks amazingggg! what is the weight of this paper? it is not written on its listed amazon page

  • Heather Steckler 2 years ago

    These cacti are so cute !!! I loved watching this, thank you <3

  • mikhaisflying 2 years ago

    I took our relationship to the next level, i hope you dont mind……..

  • WGJuliana 2 years ago

    This music is lovely. What is the song name?

  • Morgan Ward 2 years ago

    I love your art so much. I can feel the emotion and passion just by watching you paint. Absolutely wonderful!

  • Alicja Draws 2 years ago

    Love these little cacti! It's so relaxing watching people paint/draw and your videos always have such soothing music too! Keep up the great work!

  • Tidbit Factory 2 years ago

    I love your beginner paint series. It's really helping me so please continue. I would love to see beginner vids on flowers (super easy/abstract style flowers?), trees, plants, nature, fruit, simple animals and creatures.

  • Blue Plague 2 years ago

    I love the mijello colors. The way you lay them down, though, makes them seem magical. I struggle with flat washes like these.

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