FH5-Series 1 Update-Summer

“Forza Horizon 5” series 1 updated summer (wet) season event. Song don’t know. 00:00-Introduction 01:57-Weekly (Nissan GT-R ’17) 07:58-Try it out (cause a sensation) 08:30-Playground (no rain, no harvest-Ek’ Balam) 12:01-PR Stunt 14:55-Season Championship (vent) 16:53-Season Championship (new) 19:24-Season Championship (it’s raining) 22:30-Horizon Tour 25:56-Treasure Hunt-New Heights 27:39 -Photo (any vehicle-Casa Bella House) 28:18-The Eliminator (finished 30TH or better) 31:13-Collectible (Smash 100 Cacti) 32:28-Competitor (Mexico Circuit) 33:26-End (89% of seasonality completed) ———.


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