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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This day I am prospecting for gold with my Fisher Gold Bug 2 metal detector. I use Iron Discrimination to find gold nuggets in Arizona. Gear : Rocky Alpha Force Boots: Husky Knee Pads: Fisher Gold Bug 2: Need Prospecting Supplies ? Kellyco has everything you need ! Order through this link and I will earn a small commission : )… Video Rating: / 5


  • Mick Dundee 2 weeks ago

    Love your videos Adam. So informational

  • Gerald Leffew 2 weeks ago

    Going to soldier Boy and Double J any tips .lol

  • Jen Wilson 2 weeks ago

    I just have to say~Very nice guns you have !

  • Richard Stout 2 weeks ago

    Arizona desert is very beautiful this time of year where I was there but it's a long ways to go from a little gold with the only guy to the dry washer and a metal detector so one of these days maybe I'll get out there and give it a try so you take care and best wishes to you and finding all the gold you find your friend Richard Steph Kokomo Indiana bye

  • Pete Burbank 2 weeks ago

    Great comments for 6 mths?..odd?…my confidence in the GB-2 grows..

  • Gerald Leffew 2 weeks ago

    You guys rack your area that you work or what lol.

  • Bill Powell 2 weeks ago

    What I would give for .3 grams… Still looking for my first find. You done good my friend. And a couple snakes to boot. You da man!

  • Lockbeard 2 weeks ago

    How do I know WHERE I am allowed to metal detect in Arizona?
    I am thinking about Maricopa county but maybe other areas.

  • WhiteEagleVideos 2 weeks ago

    I'm a new subscriber and enjoy your content. I'm a full time RVer and plan to travel across the country in the spring from the east to the west. Can you recommend a club or association to join that will help me find areas that I can hunt and not violate other peoples claims?

  • Bradley Shimels 2 weeks ago

    "Are you under……. the power of Gold?!" Dan Fogelberg

  • Steven Sr Woolen 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys its Surveyor was. Pleasure meeting you guys.thanks for the tips.your guys channel

  • Charles Herring 2 weeks ago

    With all those Heavies and Black Sands that's exactly why I got a monster so much more pleasant to work in high iron and salt areas love your videos keep them coming

  • Chase Schoof 2 weeks ago

    Bradshaw mountains?

  • Kevin Kelley 2 weeks ago

    Being raised in SW Florida outdoors, HEAT and big snakes are common.
    Like you, I never wear snake protection, it’s just too hot!
    Do you see a lot of rattlers?

  • Thomas Buckley 2 weeks ago

    Hello Adam, live in az you mind if I ask what area you are at. I'm YUMA COUNTY.

  • DustyCowdog 2 weeks ago

    Would a Pulse Induction machine make your work easier? I'm still trying to figure out what detector I want. Can't afford two of them. Cheers!

  • Mark Pascoe 2 weeks ago

    Dousing rod

  • Paul Amarante 2 weeks ago

    About $20 in AU

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