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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] I enjoy shooting landscape images in the sand dunes. Once again, it was time to hit the road and explore a different set of sand dunes about 2 hours north of Perth, this time near Cervantes. For this adventure I was accompanied by fellow landscape photographer and YouTuber Richard Lefroy. Check out Richard’s Channel – Go here for Richard’s video of this trip – We took some time to explore the sand dunes before the sunset. There wasn’t much in the way of clouds in the sky so it wasn’t going to be an epic sunset, but we weren’t going to let that stop us. The first composition that caught our eye because of the shapes and textures the sand was making. The direction of the sunlight had changed since I last photographed the sand dunes a few months earlier so I wasn’t getting such harsh contrast lines on the ridge of the dunes. As the light was more behind the camera the scene was more evenly lit or illuminated, so I didn’t need any filters. Smoke from some controlled burning a few hundred kilometres to the east drifted into the scene above the dunes. If I was honest, I’d have preferred the smoke not to be there (I would have preferred some cloud), but the patterns of the smoke as it floated past matched in some way to the patterns and shapes the dunes were making. There wasn’ much I could do about it, so I just went with it. To help simplify the composition, I left lots of room for the sky above the dunes, make the dunes the focus. So on the 17-35mm lens, I was at ISO 100, f-stop 8, which gave me a shutter speed on 1/200 of a second. The […]


  • welcome to our road trip 1 month ago

    Andrew what’s the opening song?. I love your channel I watch everything you and Nigel Danson put out. I have also begun watching Richard he’s going to go places as will you I believe. Much love to you from cairns dreaming of WA. ❤️

  • Sean Alegada 1 month ago

    Good video I found sand dunes at San Diego Yuma I 8

  • Ian Smissen Photography 1 month ago

    Another great video Andrew – love the collaboration 🙂
    As always beautifully shot and some gorgeous images – the subtle hues are fantastic.
    Cheers, Ian

  • Steve H 1 month ago

    Beautiful dunes Andrew, and you got some pastel light to go with them. Next time I am in Perth, I'll check them out. Is the D850 much better than the D800? I still have my D800E, bidding my time on updating.

  • CathyAnn 1 month ago

    I love the simplicity of the dunes in your photos, Andrew. Outstanding!!!

  • Walter Braun 1 month ago

    Zohar is your approach to setting your white balance?

  • Graeme Somerville 1 month ago

    Hi Andrew. The cover photo really drew me in. I love shooting dunes (Death Valley) and it was great to see your vlog. Some lovely captures. I have subscribed and look forward to catching up on some of your other videos.

  • Marcel Zwart 1 month ago

    Wow, the dunes look just amazing. An absolutely fabulous location. Great images.

  • Wayne Robertson Photography 1 month ago

    Nice video Andrew, what an amazing place. I liked your compositions and the colours in the sky were so nice, well done.

  • Booster31 1 month ago

    I really like those delicate colours. Nice job Andrew.

  • Eli Salant 1 month ago

    Great video Andrew, please can you share the exact location?

  • ankur jhunjhunwala 1 month ago

    Nice location and shots, Andrew!

  • Shaw H. 1 month ago

    Another lovely video Andrew. I especially loved the s-curve photo at around the 10m30s mark. Photographing sand dunes is high up on my bucket list!

  • Brian Horsey 1 month ago

    Intersting place, Andrew. We saw pleny of the white sand around Cervantes, it reminded us of the White Sands NP in New Mexico. It must be dunes week – as well as Richard's take on your trip, Steve Mattheis has just done a Youtube vid on some dunes in Idaho. Looking forward to seeing some of the astro-photography. The second image got my vote this time! Cheers.

  • Adam Gibbs 1 month ago

    What a lovely spot, thanks for showing us around Andrew!

  • Mark Harris 1 month ago

    For some reason YouTube hasn’t been giving me notifications from your channel, it’s happened with quite a few of the channels I watch.

    What a video for me to catch up with you again, absolutely stunning images and I’d be happy to see any of them on my wall. Great video, absolutely brilliant.

  • runninblue 1 month ago

    really nice to see your photography maturing beyond slow motion waves on rocks. this is beautiful work. as was your Iceland stuff. hope you get to travel more and continue developing 🙂

  • Jim Hamilton 1 month ago

    Enjoyed your video Andrew. I have also watched and enjoyed Richards channel.

  • Canadian Sasquatch 1 month ago

    Great stuff! Those images are looking nice! Cheers!

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