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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video i show how to dig a hole to find water in the desert. Yes I am in a riparian zone so the water table isnt to far down. Arizona is also known for its arroyos(Underground creeks) Video Rating: / 5 Thanks to Tony for supplying the reference photo for this watercolour painting demo featuring an Arizona desert scene. – Buy the original paintings featured on this channel – Buy prints of the paintings featured on this channel – Buy DVDs featuring watercolour landscape painting demonstrations from the Watercolour Workshop channel – Join me at my Facebook page PAPER: 15″ x 11″ Fabriano watercolor paper weighing 130lb. BRUSHES: Large Ron Ranson hake, system 3 Daler Rowney ¾” flat and number 3 rigger. COLOURS: Cotman watercolour tubes of Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Light Red, Ultramarine, Lemon Yellow, Payne’s Gray and Alizarin Crimson. Thanks for watching. Video Rating: / 5


  • NewMexicoSharpShooter 4 years ago

    Looks like you're down by the Salt River. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jean Kelly 4 years ago

    brlliant as usual

  • Linda Franco 4 years ago

    Lovely. Thank you for sharing your talent. I learned so much

  • botchos 4 years ago

    Nice tutorial.  I'm in S. Utah and Arizona.  Lots of Mesas and Buttes with the horizontal and vertical lines of very cool geology.  Would love to see your technique with those.  (If you need references–let me know–will send—–very dramatic here in the Zion area.)

  • TheBagpypr 4 years ago

    You make it look so easy and yet the results are an absolute treat. Thanks for this. I was just in Arizona (my Mum passed away and I stayed with my Dad for a week) and the two watercolours I did, in my opinion, didn't suck. I credit your video with that.

  • Freedom Bushcraft 4 years ago

    I love your work. I am naturally a pencil artist but am just now getting into water color painting. I am learning from you. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    Yes, I'm trying to find ways of getting the photo in view more often. Thanks for watching. I'm glad the videos are helping you.

  • Kerry Mitchell 4 years ago

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talents. I just started watercolor. I'm learning a lot from you. It would be helpful to see the reference photo more often. Not a criticism.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    Thanks for watching.

  • Wojciech Piwowarczyk 4 years ago

    I really like this one very much but especially the water. Just great. What a hand!

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    That must have been some change moving from Brum to Phoenix! I love the landscape but couldn't put up with the heat or creepy crawlies!

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    I'm glad the videos are helping with your watercolours. Thanks for watching Allan and best of luck.

  • wendy hitchings 4 years ago

    Great painting Steve. I am originally from Brum but now reside in Phoenix, AZ so was really pleased to see this demo, I had been trying to figure out how to adapt your painting style to my local landscape, this really helps! Love all your work!

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    It's a single sheet clipped to a board. The dark is just paint built up over time.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    Cheers Gloria.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    Thanks Cristiano.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    I'm glad you liked it Larry. Thanks for watching.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    I wish you well Walter with your painting. I love the landscapes out there in your neck of the woods but I wouldn't be able to stand the heat. I can't stand it here in the UK when it gets into the 80's! I'm glad the videos have helped. Best wishes and happy painting!

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    That's the beauty of the large hake in being able to cover the paper quickly with few strokes. Glad you liked it Tony.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    Many thanks Dave.

  • Steven Cronin 4 years ago

    Cheers Clive

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