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  • when you live in the dessert and fight the only plant that can cope with the weather

  • Desert Channels Digital 1 month ago

    Nice video Amy, Love the way the story is put together – very watchable and informative. It is always a challenge to give people a sense of the urgency of managing weeds before the problem reaches disastrous proportions, as it did with prickly acacia in the Mitchel Grass Downs.

    We've been doing similar short docos around prickly acacia control in outback Queensland and DCQ have recently released cochineal beetle on some long term cactus infestations.

    Good luck with your filmmaking! I've just returned from graduate study in screen production. It's a challenging and rewarding career.

  • Rachel McFadyen 1 month ago

    Brilliant! – excellent results and a very good video, explaining the process very well. Congrats to all involved.

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