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  • Ann Crum's Mini Homestead News 4 years ago

    Everything you do is a step forward. I admire what you're doing there!

  • Livin Life Daily 420 4 years ago

    thanks for the video, you're always so gorgeous and beautiful, a beautiful heart really thanks sexy garden queen!

  • Planting Freedom - athatcher85 4 years ago

    the native Americans grew corn in patches, surrounded by and supported by vigorous pole beans that wrap them all together so they dont fall down.

  • Planting Freedom - athatcher85 4 years ago

    an amaizing journey 🙂 my corn this year hasn't been what I planned. always a learning experience. awesome video, can't wait to see how the late season popcorn and sweet corn do for ya.

  • Kelly Richardson 4 years ago

    Great Video, I like it when you share your thoughts and expectations like this. I know Corn has Shallow roots which makes them susceptible to wind damage, but as they get older and taller they put down stabilizing air roots. You are probably thinking 18" inchs apart is to far apart? Me too, for windy AZ. They Corn fields here I measured them much closer, to about 8 Inch's. I think 5 rows will get you corn, they must placed in full sun, dusk to dawn, no shade. You also need to keep suckers cut down.

    If your not making compost, or Compost Tea. You can mix coffee grounds and Mesquite pods into a bucket, let it sit, in full sun a few hours, so the sugars from the Mesquite leach into the bucket. Remove the pods, Fertilize your plants with that as often as you want.

  • Bob M Tyranny Destroyer Bass Covers 4 years ago

    It is pretty amazing how much you have grown in the arid desert during one of the hottest summers on record! Good job!

  • CR Conway 4 years ago

    corn is also wind pollinated…another reason to plant multiple rows.

  • Rik Thomas 4 years ago

    Looking good, Elizabeth! Its like anything else in life you get better and better with time!

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