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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] A quick look at the start of our homestead in Arizona. We are on 2 acres in Southern Arizona (Smack dab between Zones 9a & 9b). We desire to become more self sufficient by growing our food, raising our meat, poultry and more. However we have a lot to learn on this journey and we hope you join us. We hope you enjoy this video of our life on our 2 acres in Southern Arizona. Please consider joining us on this self sufficiency journey to have more control over our food. We are by no means experts but are learning as we grow! #startinghomestead #arizonahomestead New videos weekly so be sure to subscribe and hit the 🛎 so you don’t miss an episode. Arizona Homestead  PO Box 10007 Casa Grande,  AZ 85130-0017 Check out FroChelle’s website & Channel: YouTube – Colored Younique Email: Instagram @azdeseserthomestead PayPal – Amazon Wish List – Video Rating: / 5


  • Frankie Long 1 week ago

    Just found you from Simple Life Reclaimed video. Nice to see AZ homesteaders.

  • Crooked Woods Family Orchard 1 week ago

    we're in southeastern Arizona happy to of found you

  • mike P 1 week ago

    How is the mint doing? Did it spread the way you wanted? Awesome way to use the grey water.

  • Ku'i Hanapi 1 week ago

    Aloha, just found your channel & very excited to check out your vids. I use 2 homestead in Joshua Tree, Ca. I love the desert! I'm lucky though because I now live back in Hawai`i & homesteading is much easier. My wife & I live on my inlaws property on the Big Island which is an acre on the coast with a stream running through it. I've been homesteading the property 4 the last 3 years. My wife is an RN & she just passed her boards to become a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice). I have my own business as a rural-property, pet & livestock caretaker. We are looking into starting another homestead in Prescott, Az on my close friends 2 acres. Keep up the great work! Stay healthy & be safe.

  • Ashley Jackson 1 week ago

    I'm in the process of looking for land here in Arizona…where would you suggest for a first-time homesteader. I am currently in North Phoenix in the middle of the city and I am so over it.

  • elliot deherrera 1 week ago

    So the soap from showers doesn't hurt the plants?

  • Jeff Gazetti 1 week ago

    Can I just buy a camper and live on state land?

  • Jimmy Fischbeck 1 week ago

    OK, I'm impressed! Thinking about Southeastern Arizona, but initial setup is intimidating. A lot of good thinking on your part! Is your grey water watering system on a diverter valve? Water is gold!

  • Melanie Scanlan 1 week ago

    I’m super excited to find y’all. I’m in Prescott Valley AZ on just a quarter acre but I’m ready to make the best of it!!!

  • Iseekoutthetruth 1 week ago

    you guys have a very Nice Hohokam Indian Ruins up there in Casa Grande, I was just up in that are this last Sunday.

  • Redefine Living 1 week ago

    Nice property guys. Hope it’s not too hot for you. I have land in northern Arizona I’m developing. I love it.

  • OlvOyl4383 1 week ago

    Just found you!! We are in AZ too West Valley, Pheonix. Been looking for more homesteaders here in AZ. Thanks for your videos!!

  • Darny Gagui 1 week ago

    What part of az are u guys in?

  • Finally aware of you 1 week ago

    Ty for ur channel. We are way west here in Arizona. To get off grid is my strongest desire. But not sure when and how. YAHUAH willing it will happen one day.

  • mike toomoth 1 week ago

    Nice video keeping coming

  • Simple Life Reclaimed 1 week ago

    Very nice! Love your homestead! We're desert homesteaders too!

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