Flip your striptease with Andy Belingheri and Richard Restuccia

Grass that grows in strips between sidewalks and streets (usually called boulevards or parking strips) is not very useful, but it is difficult to irrigate effectively. Therefore, most of the water applied to these areas is wasted in overspray and runoff. A smart and simple way to reduce water consumption and increase curbside appeal is to “flip your belt.” In other words, the conversion from high water consumption grassland and sprinkler irrigation to low water consumption native or partial landscape and drip irrigation. 00:00 Introduction 04:34 Create a water park zone 5:21 Park zone is a stupid zone 10:52 Water saving strategy 13:52 5 Key success factors 14:48 Design and plan 16:44 Clear grass 19:59 Correct irrigation: Valve/filter regulator 22:07 Correct irrigation: Launch line/point source 23:40 Simple spray modification 28:10 Hydraulic zone 29:39 Tree protection during conversion 35:20 Weed control 39:39 Final result: Success in this In this webinar, we will cover the basics: How to best remove existing grass and weed barriers-yes or no?The use of chemicals (killing grass and controlling weeds afterwards) How to deal with the trees currently growing in the grass—especially how to protect and irrigate trees so that they can thrive after transformation How to irrigate new “smart belts” to obtain success


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