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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Ronnie continues his exploration of the vast Liwa Oasis led by local guide and rally veteran James West. Cameras don’t do justice to the size and scale of th…

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  • Ryan Hudson 5 years ago

    Ha @ the desert tortes comment. ?

  • Network A 5 years ago

    Ronnie continues his exploration of the vast Liwa Oasis led by local guide
    and rally veteran James West. Cameras don’t do justice to the size and
    scale of this enormous desert landscape with dunes as far as the eye can
    see. Taking a break from riding, Ronnie visits an eccentric car museum,
    checks out the date farms, and then recharges with a night at a 5 star
    oasis in the middle of nowhere. Fueled up and ready to ride Ronnie and crew
    near the Saudi Arabian border before unloading and heading down a 1,000
    foot dune into another epic freeriding session!

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  • FreeRideMX 5 years ago

    This is by far one of my favorite places to ride to the top of a dune and
    just look around. Such cool landscape

  • digiprez77 5 years ago


  • motokid032 5 years ago

    F that, wheres the paddles at?!

  • NashIhle 5 years ago

    The guy who owns the museum is one of the richest guys in the world, and is
    one of the best desert racers

  • eazzyves 5 years ago

    more riding would of been nice

  • MX304 5 years ago

    With the newest Youtube roll out, they are not putting all of the feed
    through to subscribers. This video did not show up in my feed as it should
    have. I didn’t see it until I went directly to your channel.

  • juan Last 5 years ago

    Wheres the new episode of Paul rodriguez life?

  • Ronnie Renner 5 years ago

    Thanks for all of the cool comments! It was by far one of the most epic
    trips that Haughelstine and I have been on. The paddle tire topic is a
    tough one for sure. They don’t use them much there because they do a lot of
    long rides where they cross and ride on streets a lot. lesson learned to
    bring one with us next time. It was more about the journey anyhow! RR

  • joliettraveler 5 years ago

    Fantastic, would love to ride a horse or camel there.

  • Adzterr 5 years ago

    The camels doesnt give any fucks

  • armadatilem 5 years ago

    Can’t find anymore your videos on my homepage. hate the new youtube

  • Agostino Agosto 5 years ago

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  • kepong23 5 years ago

    sir.. you are one of the sickest man that this planet could ever offer. i’m
    hoping to see you in person.

  • 670lamborghini 5 years ago

    Nice dude, but get back on your 250 sx!

  • Network A 5 years ago

    Life releases every Tuesday. Were you able to find it on the homepage?

  • Oliver Rashid 5 years ago

    been to that hotel its so awesome!!!

  • Dalibor Doncic 5 years ago

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  • Zarko Vasovic 5 years ago

    niceeeeeee 🙂

  • Andreas Mathiassen 5 years ago

    yeah, he probably wouldn`t be if there were more desert racers than there

  • Nikita Konstantin 5 years ago

    You already know that bad stage when your brother (who

  • Rich Con 5 years ago

    Sick Vid! Check my channel!

  • TheOfficialKC 5 years ago

    The camels are like, “WTF mate?”

  • sickjohnson 5 years ago