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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Angelo Joaquin Jr., former executive director of Native Seed SEARCH, discusses how the desert is a sustainable source of food, medicine, and spirituality for the O’odham people. Read more at


  • Anthony Johnson 1 week ago

    Native people black brown red///should have an American diet we see wht happen when we do peace and blessings to the fam//

    Praises to the creator!!!

  • Llavez Estravez 1 week ago

    Kidneys and liver

  • white widow 94 Johnson 1 week ago

    My home and my people

  • steven broom 1 week ago

    Dairy is scary cows milk for there babies not humans

  • Justin Jone 1 week ago

    Good information. My newest favorite sonoran edible is the red chuparosa flower. It tastes just like cucumbers.

  • Simple Living 1 week ago

    I need to get a hold of these food.

  • featheredfan 1 week ago

    He has lots of knowledge and he's funny too.  Thanks

  • Arjun Sangwan 1 week ago

    Beautiful! 😀

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