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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Since the 1970’s Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has single handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park NYC. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland, into a lush oasis. Humble yet passionate and philosophical about his work. Payeng takes us on a journey into his incredible forest. A co-production between: Polygon Window Productions: Title Media: Download the original soundtrack by Mike Ritchie: Video Rating: / 5


Desert landscaping



  • Boyd Gibson 1 year ago

    One person can make a difference!

  • GamePlanPros 1 year ago

    Some one ship him some Squirrels. Free help buddy! Keep up the good work!

  • robert andersson 1 year ago

    so amazing watching again

  • Robert Heron 1 year ago

    In this wretched, money-grubbing world we have created for ourselves, here is a man on a mission to do something really worthwhile. Jadav Payeng is a real inspiration to us all. The return of wildlife to his island was a real jewel in the crown. And to think, there are people itching to undo all his great work and chop down his forest in order to make yet another self-assembly wardrobe.

  • Leslie thats me 1 year ago

    I so love these stories.. Those places that have flooding issues and they live along rivers, should build thier homes on "rising" docks for a platform… maybe even use old used car tires to help keep them floating? we have those kinds of docks that rise up and down w the tide here near Boston. just a thought.. if i had any money I'd be able to do more.. so I can only give my ideas..Have a great day all…

  • Abhilekh Hazarika 1 year ago

    sai bohut anondo palu…asolote bhal manuh ajiu ase karone hea prithivi khon jiyay ase

  • daniyal k 1 year ago

    I though this to be something else it's not that hard to grow a jungle in a area like this with rivers and everything needed i was looking for someone who did that in a desert

  • mash7137 1 year ago

    proof that 1 man (women) can make a different's….

  • Gembong Baskoro 1 year ago

    He just doing what his believe…..

  • Cee be 1 year ago

    the power of JUST PLANT

  • white dove 1 year ago

    we need more heros like this! what a great inspiration

  • Andrefelipe Pereira Dos Santos 1 year ago

    Um grande homem

  • OlymPigs2010 1 year ago

    …as Joni Mitchell wrote "Call someplace Paradise then..Kiss It Goodbye!"

  • Gil Barros 1 year ago

    A real powerful man.

  • beingatliberty 1 year ago

    mangrove has been proven to protect from erosion, he should start on that on the river bank.

  • Tushar Goswami 1 year ago

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  • rap pogosa 1 year ago

    great man good job wellplayed!

  • Sebastian Serocki 1 year ago

    You have truly touched my heart

  • the 800 1 year ago

    Man, can't believe I just came across this. I'm late to the party, but this video just goes to show that one person can change the world through sheer dedication and unyielding passion. Jadav Payeng is an inspiration for the world today and future generations to come!

  • mar7dong 1 year ago

    He Plant big trees that can leave 200 years old. Acacia, Nara, Kamachilis, tambis,,santol,atis,kaimito, plant fruits trees also.

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