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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Featured: Golden Barrel Cactus, Haystack Cactus, South American Barrel Cactus. Jeff cuts open a South American Barrel Cactus to expose the rot inside and determine if the plant can be saved. Video Rating: / 5 This is a tutorial on how to clone and propagate cacti.


  • CaLcuLaToRFace425 5 months ago

    Hey i have a small one of the barrel cactus and it got white all over it and started rotting one side, its the side that faces the sun and another different kind did the same thing

  • Lynn Ponte 5 months ago


  • TRiGONA iTAMA 5 months ago

    Thanks for educating us about growing cactuswith that variety, i love it sir 🙂

  • Topper Bottom 5 months ago

    why don't you just use tongs to handle the cactus? that way you don't risk getting poked. Those lil spines go through those gloves like nothing. ps… its cacti, not cactuses.

  • hs oj 5 months ago

    "you don't want needles in you, not this kind" EPIC!!!

  • Olli Heikkilä 5 months ago

    Very helpful!

  • Frank 5 months ago


  • Njae Bines 5 months ago

    Great videos

  • 27franc0 5 months ago

    You are doing great brotha! Now flat cut Lophora and place on top of fast growing cacti! A horticulturalist told me to put rooting powder in between, huge no no! lol. After a couple of weeks it just shrivled up and died lol. I found that a straight cut and natural goey application works best! Keep indoors however to keep insects away from the healing sight. :p WWZ be coming upon us brother. Keep in touch so we can survive together perhaps 😀

  • BRoll 5 months ago

    Another great vid Cody! Very informative. Are you a Horticulture major? I am and I can tell you really know your stuff.

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