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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees: Climate change is causing desertification worldwide as fertile land becomes degraded. But we can combat this by planting trees. Your searches on Ecosia are bringing rainfall, lakes and rivers back to Burkina Faso. The tree-planting program that we are financing thanks to you will empower local communities to reforest areas of the Sahel and the central plateau (CP) that will help provoke more rainfalls. The region of the Sahel is known for its drought-ridden climate, whereas the central plateau, marked in blue, is of greater humidity. Because of its geographical location, Burkina Faso is mainly characterized by Western African weather conditions. That is a primarily tropical climate with two very distinct seasons: a dry season and one rainy season. During the dry season the so-called ‘Harmattan’ wind blows which is particularly dry and dust-laden. In the second rainy season the average rainfall is 400 to 900 millimeters. Burkina Faso receives almost 90% of its rain between June and September. Only one growing season exists, which leaves farmers with a very small time window for the collection of crops and forest goods. Rain seasons, thus, define communities’ sowing and farming activities. But years of deforestation, climate change and degraded soils have significantly changed local weather conditions. Particularly in the Sahel, rainfall has decreased and become very unpredictable and can sometimes be limited to a few, sudden, cloudbursts. These changing rain patterns have contributed significantly to the impoverishment of the country: Random rainfalls often come with a sudden force and big volumes of water, causing floods and destroying crops all at once. The combination of higher temperatures (due to deforestation and other causes of climate change) and changing rain patterns has als contributed to the evaporation […]


  • Fredroks 2 years ago

    "Climate Change" is a Globalist wealth redistribution scam designed to turn carbon dioxide into gold.

  • Bourg Productions 2 years ago

    If people are doing this in the Middle East, Northern China, Australia, and the northern half of Africa, just imagine how easy it would be to reforest the American desert. It might be impossible for Death Valley, but I don't know.

  • Richard Bechtel 2 years ago

    All I want to know is

    A) how much area you changed.

    B) how much it cost

    C) how long did it take

  • Satyajeet Ojha 2 years ago

    Ecosia I was just making up a structure about how to make forests and sustain them , I'm from India and I work for education development in an organisation, which also works on safe drinking water and health, so was just thinking can there be a mutual understanding and start a pilot project in the India and expand it and include the outcome in the curriculum of students.

  • Lucas James 2 years ago

    Keep up the great work! And for the love of God don't sell out for big $ in the end! We need every company on this planet to be working towards this sort of thing. Imagine if Google used just .5% of their yearly profit.

  • Spencer Aiken 2 years ago

    do this in southern california

  • Bruce Angel 2 years ago

    The lady had a basket full of firewood. Isn’t this the cause of deforestation? Solar could provide everything firewood does without long term damage.

  • Arab Prince 2 years ago

    Wir kommen.

  • Wer weiß? 2 years ago

    This video is wonderful

  • Wer weiß? 2 years ago

    Its fanatastic

  • kritika kumari 2 years ago


  • Patlolla Karthik 2 years ago

    This better not be a scam as I just made ecosia my search engine

  • Lucky Boyo 2 years ago

    The reason its dry because of deforestation by bloody humans and lack of rain!
    so you sow a seed and wait for 6 yrs for rain to come!

  • Jordan Payn 2 years ago

    its all very well but if it is not controlled it will go straight back to a desert. I mean there is life now people move back, live off the land, more people move in need more land and resources to grow- eventually go back to where it all started, baron land..

  • Afura33 2 years ago

    Great results guys, you can be proud of you.

  • Colin Kasper 2 years ago

    I love you ecosia!! I've been using & recommending your search engine since I found it on stumbleupon over 6 years ago. 'Doing beautiful things!

  • Stavinair Caeruleum 2 years ago

    So far, I myself, by my searches, have helped fund the planting of 72 trees.

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