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  • Inspiring Interior Design Ideas 4 years ago
  • DarthHugsALot 4 years ago

    Simple… simple ideas work best.

  • Luiz Maranhao 4 years ago

    Nice video! Thank you!

  • elHippieSupremo 4 years ago

    I like the way that the corn is planted. Corn is a grass, and grass likes to grow in clumps, or as a sod.

  • Soulman1282 4 years ago

    You've got some major flow there! I'd be setting up some more growing beds and catchment downhill.

  • Colorado 5 4 years ago

    Great setup! We are trying different ways to keep the water on the homestead here so it waters our property instead of runoff. Super excited that Colorado has lifted the ban on rain barrels now.

  • Edward Barnhart 4 years ago

    Yes Sir :D

  • David Tokar 4 years ago

    What's pond's walls made of?

  • MaxDeadpool 4 years ago

    dude that is a great way to use rainwater

  • Linda May 4 years ago

    Genius! I got my land cheap because there is a wash across the front. I thought it could be used to my advantage for rain collection. You have shown me it can. Thank you

  • Nick Bair 4 years ago

    Concrete water what? Weird?

  • snobby goth 4 years ago

    this is awesome! you've given me some ideas for my own garden.

  • mjkmojofool 4 years ago

    How deep is the retention pond?

  • Cindy Strong 4 years ago

    good job, looks great!

  • ArnoldTohtFan 4 years ago

    but how often does it rain in the middle of the desert?

  • Big Family Homestead 4 years ago

    Very well thought out, love it!

  • MiuMiu G 4 years ago

    Good thinking!

  • Yoloswaganater1 youtube 4 years ago

    i love these type of videos. amazing ideas, good work

  • Sheila6325 4 years ago

    That is Fantastic! I'm going to do this in one small area where I really could use a system like this. Thank you SO much! Bless, Sheila

  • Aloha Farms 4 years ago

    You're knocking it out of the park! Woo Hooo!!! Way to go :)

  • Earthling Dylan 4 years ago

    nicely done!

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