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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Ryan and Havilah Gee had the typical grass and foundation shrub front yard. Not their style. When their oak trees fell to oak wilt disease, they worked with land designer Elizabeth McGreevy to create “Austin chic” with a front yard patio and terraced beds that retain rainfall for vegetables, herbs, succulents, and wildlife plants. Video Rating: / 5


  • Julian Ho 1 month ago

    joyful couple…………….

  • Dyana Layng 1 month ago

    Great design! It makes a such a strong impact with those long bands, and foliage contrasts. Love the agaves

  • Ken Hunt 1 month ago

    So true about front yards, "tree, hedge and lawn." So often a front lawn says look but don't come in. Many will say a front lawn is for the community but there is really nothing community about it.
    I would change my front lawn but my city like so many requires a certain amount of turf. The irony is I live in the 2nd driest state.

  • Maddy 1 month ago

    Sorry, the backyard is for living, the front is for the neighborhood and city. Nothing wrong with adding a little sitting area on the porch or by a tree but come on.

  • I’m ready to do this but I need to sell it some more…

  • San Antonio Gardening 1 month ago

    Well done guys, looks great

  • Tom M 1 month ago

    The Century Plants may be a good choice. As long as you clip off the thorns, all the time.

  • hebneh 1 month ago

    When those agaves get to be their full size…you may wish there weren't so many of them so close together…

  • Zack Sherman 1 month ago

    Love the Turk's Cap!! I'm sure the hummingbirds do to!!

  • Allistene Charles 1 month ago

    awesome video my friends loving it stay bless

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