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  • Gabriela Rodriguez 1 month ago

    Hello, I am just starting to get into aloes and succulents, can you please help teach me what you do or how you care for them when it rains bad, especially having them in the ground that way? Mine seem to get really brown and it takes a while for them to get better.

  • Stacey Here we grow again 1 month ago

    Looking great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Janie Harvey 1 month ago

    Everything’s coming along great! All your arrangements in pots are beautiful! You’ve been busy & it’s showing-Tfs!

  • napaluv 1 month ago

    Beautiful work! I bet adding some darker rock (maybe black and/or a dark red lava) around that big agave would totally make it pop! I LOVE your chola.

  • Garden Rudiments 1 month ago

    Love all of your rocks and fence. You've done a great job!

  • Retro Ray's Succulents AKA retroraysrealm 1 month ago

    Looking sharp!

  • Backyard Gardening 1 month ago

    I love American Aloe. Their bloom is awesome. Your succulents blooms is fantastic. Happy Friday

  • Daisy Nickson 1 month ago

    Looks beautiful im trying to learn houseplants happy mother's day

  • The Desert Plant Diary 1 month ago

    Hi Melissa! The dark Aeonium against the Aloe looks beautiful and I love all the container arrangements, especially the urn. That Aloe in the container, striata I guess, spectacular! The section with the rocks so perfectly shouts Desert, to me atleast. I can't wait to see you add succulents to that section. I just know it will be brilliant. Thank you for sharing. From the garden city of India to you, have a smashing day! Cheers.

  • Fernanda Nascimento orchids & succulents 1 month ago

    A garden is a permanent work in progress. Plants grow and sometimes we have to redo and that is the funny part of gardening. Your Aenium are doingo very well, they are looking so good.

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