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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This video looks at three types of Cactus Fruit. Mammillaria prolifera (Texas nipple cactus), Dragon fruit & Prickly Pear. Watch to find out what they taste …

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  • Dmitridash 7 years ago

    I found these while hiking? squaw peak.

  • SolidGoldShows 7 years ago

    nice? collections

  • lothre 7 years ago

    Yes. tastes like a strawberry/kiwi mix to me. very? tasty. Neighbor let me pull one off her plant in her front yard.

  • lothre 7 years ago

    Hey there. Thank you for posting pretty much the ONLY video on the nipple cactus on the web. Not even wiki mentions the fruit being edible! Do you have any updates on the seeds you collected from the fruit and placed in the baggie to germinate? I would like to try this as well. heading up to the plant nursery tomorrow to buy? one of these. what a great plant!

  • MrTachyon3000 7 years ago

    Great video. I like the way you innocently pull the cactus cuttings with your fingers and plant it. Just don’t try that with a jumping cholla? cactus cause you’ll regret it.

  • Could you upload? a video of the seed and cuttings from the nipple cactus please?

  • Your videos are cool keep doing em! I really love to eat? that fruit. I’m from Cabo, Mexico and in my school there’s the same kind of cactus and I eat its fruits when it has them. I’ll try to grow my own in my house next time I see it has fruit. I’m also trying to grow garlic and avocado. I have a lemongrass and a basil plant that are doing well too.

  • tony bezanson 7 years ago

    there are many species that cover a variety of climates, anything from? tropical to temperate(there are a few that are nativie to Alberta in Canada

  • acerb45666555 7 years ago

    But doesnt the (Prickly Pear) cactus come in several varietie’s! Mine is a (Opuntia Monacantha Monstrose). I aint eatin it!? You dudes should be careful about eating these things!

  • jennydagreat 7 years ago

    is the? fruit edible?

  • CillianBoyTech 7 years ago

    The fruits look like a chill? but when you cut it looks like a piece of Mellon

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    Thanks. Yea, like I said, with cacti and succulents, let it dry for a bit. You’re on to it :). I have never used rooting hormone for cacti or succulents before. I have mainly only grown succulents from cuttings? though, not much cacti. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • momovomo 7 years ago

    just a tip, but if you actually cut it with a knife, you should wait for the stump to dry out before you plant it so that it doesnt mold. i also put rooting hormone on them after i cut them. you might already know this but? yea!:)

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    Haha, yea it does a? bit 🙂

  • D0MJSY 7 years ago

    Loooks like a chilli pepper lol

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Oh right, thanks, I will have a look on? Ebay though!

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    Hey Huw. I actually bought it off Trade Me, which is basically a New Zealand version of? Ebay. 🙂

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Hey! I was wandering how did you get? the Mammillaria prolifera cactus, did you grow it from seed? Thanks

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    could be the same. I know there is quite a few differnt cacti plants that have very simalr fruits. that name you said describes it? well though 🙂

  • Karen M 7 years ago

    this looks like strawberry pincushion.? maybe the same plant, just called differently??

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    haha i know right! And since i removed the fruit and replanted it,? that little peice is flowering again! Thanks for watching and good luck growing your own cactus fruit!

  • GummyTumor 7 years ago

    I can’t believe that little nugget had fruits growing on it! My grandmother had so many cacti growing in her garden and when I would visit I would always go hunting for those little pepper fruits as a kid. I loved the taste of them and now I’m actually craving? some. I’m gonna have to go raid Home Depot for some cactus plants to grow my own fruit.

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    Cactus slime??? lol

  • Roxanna Thompson 7 years ago

    Can you drink? the Cactus Slime?