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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is my free greenhouse where I grow my garbage can potatoes. I started doing this a few years back so that I could keep using my potatoes for seed instea… Video Rating: 4 / 5 step by step.

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  • Z71Ranger 7 years ago

    This person is full of BS. Don’t waste your time watching this video! If you GOT 200+ LBS of potatoes from these? 5 cans you would have made a follow up video of you harvesting them. So I say this is BS. I bet you got 20 LBS or less.

  • ShirlAnn Solomon 7 years ago

    Plant? a succulent garden in the fish tank!

  • caveman0723 7 years ago

    Love yet another one of your vids! Thanks;0). Create? a great Day

  • 699DSON 7 years ago

    fish tanks make good terrariums for growing mushrooms?

  • Odd JobsPro 7 years ago

    Nice! we are trying? it now. Check out progress.

  • kablooy1 7 years ago

    Use the fish tank to make? compost tea.

  • elliemae4525 7 years ago

    200 lbs! Wow!! I bet your neighbors love to? see you coming! Great video!

  • dcap1913 7 years ago

    Very informative video, thx! Question: Can you place the cans outside or? would that make them more susceptible?

  • Daniel Parker 7 years ago

    With your fish tank, try hydropondnics. ?

  • Grace Richardson 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting such a helpful video. If you still have your aquarium and you still? have your chickens, you could raise mealworms in the aquarium to supplement the chicken feed. You could feed the mealworms potatoes or your other vegetable scraps.

  • CobinRain 7 years ago

    what? a star!

  • harleyroadangel 7 years ago

    Your video was very informative. Also good to hear from someone that actually has experience and good results with it, A good sequel would be to show harvesting day, and tips on storage. I used to homestead and we always planted 100 lbs in the ground, and got 500 lbs. + harvest, but boy did it take up a lot of garden space, and a couple days of the whole family harvesting.?

  • darobbadooz 7 years ago

    Learned a lot! Thank you. How about a terrarium? or something to grow airferns in that fishtank of yours. Good luck and thank you again.

  • DJMovit 7 years ago

    I wish there was an update video to show the results. My 55 gallon didn’t have excessive amount of potato’s so I’m? trying to improve my method to improve the output

  • haynerbass 7 years ago

    Nice! I like free things. I was thinking if you did go all potatoes in your free greenhouse; build shelving above your potatoe cans so you can have things growing on more than one level. Make the best use of your space that way. As far as the fish tank goes… there are so many things you could do with that. You could try mini aqua? culture.

  • 1fanger 7 years ago

    I`m with ya brother. Believe me! There is? a hidden hand directing things.

  • mechanicalbu11 7 years ago

    Did you know once theses modern-day “Landlords” get total control of the worlds resources you can bet they will forbade a lot of things under the false pretext of carbon reduction programs and? sustainable world doctrines all the while living lavish lifestyles while we the unwashed masses must sacrifice and suffer.

    I think a scientific dictatorship will be the future of our world, a kind of hell on Earth, a dark-side for tomorrow as stated in Oswell’s 1984, a boot stomp in the face forever.

  • 1fanger 7 years ago

    The English landlords actually forbade the Irish? from consuming their other crops and even any grain and fodder that went to their livestock. Their main foodstuff was the Irish spud. The Irish term sassenach came from saxon, was meant to be derogatory to the English land barons of the day.

  • TheMrbumpas 7 years ago

    Recently my potatoes started to get spots[blight?],so I snipped of all infected leaves.Then sprayed with a collodial silver solution.Has been 2? weeks now and no sigh of infection.

  • Randy Trythall 7 years ago

    do a worm farm with the small tank if you get the wright kind of worms you can put in green mater and they will eat it and the waste? is great as a natural fertilizer

  • mechanicalbu11 7 years ago

    As i understand it the very wealthy folks in Great Britten and Royalty said “Let the Irish eat cake” sad you know, the Mega Rich Europeans have no love for people and a hatred of those whom they feel are inferior. History dose substantiate my assertion which dose lack in opinion and is biased more to reality as it should be, reality? is preferable.

    But more importantly i like this video, learned something new today, Thanks!

  • Miss65boo 7 years ago

    The fishtank can be turned in to a? terrarium (layers of soil and some type of drainage material, like small rocks) and then plant herbs in it.

  • nickglass12 7 years ago

    Great tips but you won’t see me using styrofoam in my soil.? Thanks.

  • Beanjigger 7 years ago

    I see you have a tag for Wisconsin. When do you? plant in WI? I’m also here and wish to start this year. Thanks!

  • Eva Lundborg 7 years ago

    Yuo could grow watercress? in the fishtank

  • Yes 4 will be fine?

  • 1949sue 7 years ago

    hi, i bought some of those sacks you have jersey royals in, but? not sure how many spuds to put in each sack, was thinking 4 maybe

  • Yes? , i drilled about 6 holes for drainage

  • tampagirl2008 7 years ago

    do? you poke holes on those blue bins?

  • Jeffry Standard 7 years ago

    can the potato? grow in tropical

  • pokeythepatriot777 7 years ago

    where do you find? the growing bags?

  • Thanks? !

  • drumsinger 7 years ago

    great job on? the potatos!

  • many? thanks for your comment !

  • checkfoldcallraise 7 years ago

    beautiful plants! last year i had great success with red potato, russet, and white potato here in florida. i use containers as well as directly in the garden. i really love the big bushy and vibrant plant potatoes produce. thanks for showing your plants,? they are very nice.

  • 007vauxhall 7 years ago

    Very nice,? when shall I pop round for a tasting???? LoL