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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I`m off to a good start in the garden this year. Video Rating: 0 / 5 I LEARNED THIS TECHNIQUE FROM ALOHA CARAMIA, A YOU TUBE VIDEO MASTER, AND I WANTED TO SHOW YOU HOW EASY THIS IS. WE TAKE YUKON GOLD POTATOES AND CUT THEM IN … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Gehenna71 7 years ago

    I put sticks in my pots. Small problem, cat plays with sticks, pulls them
    out and pees in the containers. Now I spray the outside of the containers
    with vinegar. Seems to help 🙂

  • Karen Burch 7 years ago

    My cat has not bothered the gourd pots. I`m very happy about that!

  • Daniel Swann 7 years ago

    @kokonutbaby1 yeah you over-watered,potatoes are durable and dont need much
    of anything

  • mukwah1111 7 years ago

    Nice video. I once discovered very small potatoes growing inside my compost
    bin when I was digging it out in the spring. I was so excited. Gathered
    them up & took them to show my 94 yr old mother our “Irish pataters”. Left
    them at her doorstep & went back to shovelling & distr. the compost. When I
    came back – the potatoes were gone…my mother had steamed them up & ate
    them !!! Thks for sharing your technique !

  • classiclistener01 7 years ago

    Did you post a finale to this? I just tooth-picked and placed the potato
    halves into cups, but, when I returned to my computer, I failed to find
    your concluding video!?!? I’d like to see how they came out in the end.

  • jk jones 7 years ago

    Do not place the potatoes in water and light because this turns them green
    and green potatoes are poisonous to us if eaten I’ve just been told. Place
    your seedlings in a brown paper bag and keep in a cool dark cupboard and
    check on them once a week until they have sprouted enough new shoots pot
    up. The seedling potatoes need at least 3 shoots each, so if the seeds have
    6 shoots or more cut them in half and make 2 seedlings, the cut will dry up
    after about 24hrs and then place in a paper bag.

  • jk jones 7 years ago

    The potatoes grow from the sides of the shoots that grow from the seeds, so
    as the plant growth grows upward lots of potatoes grow from the sides of
    this plant growth causing lots more to grow as you add more compost to the
    sack. Placing potatoes only 4 inches from the top of the bucket leaves no
    room for potatoes to grow because they cannot grow below the seed potatoes,
    it works great for me, I expect 30 to 40 good sized baking potatoes from a
    100ltr sack. Use only fresh good quality compost.

  • kokonutbaby1 7 years ago

    so does it take 3 months or longer to grow a mature potatoe? I got a late
    start in spring, around end of May so this is mid July and i checked on
    some in container where plants looked like dying and the spuds were small
    and some very tiny and i think one had rotted cuz it was gooey and smelled
    bad…am wondering if i am watering too much also..i do it once a day but
    its been hot here in arkansas so far this summer 90s F.

  • bonsai9723 7 years ago

    Hi Caramia, Glad you like it. Jerry

  • jk jones 7 years ago

    I must admit though Jerry, I like the way you start your potatoes and will
    try it my self, Thanks for another great video.

  • MrTJHS 7 years ago

    Please watch my video and offer as much advise or tips that you can. I
    really love your videos and I think you are a Fantastic gardener!! Please
    leave me a comment.. Thanks

  • bonsai9723 7 years ago

    You’re welcome!

  • washuism 7 years ago

    u need to plant them at the bottom of the pot and soil up as they
    sprout…youll get a lot more potatoes

  • tiroler537 7 years ago

    Small pot for the 2 potatoes,even for just one,but better that nothing,nice
    idea but have a beeter one.Just let the chosen potato sit in a open paper
    bag and they will start the bud and once they start to schrivel just divide
    up the potato with one or 2 buds Let the cuts dry for a few days and they
    will be ready for planting.

  • bonsai9723 7 years ago

    It took about a week.

  • flower040 7 years ago

    Love your video. Thanks

  • bonsai9723 7 years ago

    Hi, Funny story. Thanks for writing. Jerry

  • FlintknapperJimmy 7 years ago

    I had a bag of potatoes that sat in a bag for a couple of moths. They have
    growth everywhere. I just planted them. Thanks for the tips!

  • psychodelicdragon 7 years ago

    thanks for the tips.! 🙂

  • bonsai9723 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info! Jerry

  • bonsai9723 7 years ago

    Hi, I tried the bag procedure, but have had faster and better luck doing it
    this way. Whatever works for you. Thanks for sharing! Jerry

  • NWforager 7 years ago

    Thanks you for sharing. I have the some 7gal pots from teh hydroponics
    store for $1.80 . The potatoes are spouting nicely in a warm cardboard box
    thnks to your info . =D

  • BMIfanatic 7 years ago

    why are you putting them in water? Just put them in a paper bag and keep
    them in the dark…they will sprout…also plant them in the bottom of the
    container covered by the dirt and as they emerge and grow 2-4 inches…add
    more dirt and that way you will get more potatoes by the time the leaves
    are above the container. Its called hilling…this is kids stuff.

  • anyusmoon1 7 years ago

    Hi Sarah- watched the vid and wondering about the length of the growing
    season. Seemed quite a long time? Didn’t you get produce in 3 months?

  • gromacs1 7 years ago

    pco636 you are right about green potatoes, only if eaten , this gentleman
    is not eating them , he is using them has seed potatoes

  • bowler8 7 years ago

    this is the way you grow sweet potatoes, not regular ones

  • bowler8 7 years ago

    you’d have more potatoes if you started them at the bottom of the bucket