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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The before, time lapse during and finished results from my garden landscaping. There is also a side plot that isn’t covered in the time lapse but is shown in the before and after photos. All expertly done by Gordon and all his guys at Bespoke Landscapes (, thanks all! The design renders were done by me on the Linux version of Sweet Home 3D ( Music from the Youtube Audio Library: The Emperor’s Army – Jeremy Blake Dirty Mac – Endless Love Video Rating: / 5


  • royalbookshopper 1 week ago

    Where's the dog? lol

  • goodcat1982 1 week ago

    Turfing over 1" of top soil over scalpings? wtf?

  • B Rittler 1 week ago

    Nice vid, but so sad – tiles and a green carpet – could have been a GARDEN…

  • Odds and Windsocks 1 week ago

    Nice job.

  • Jesse Kahn 1 week ago

    I’m about to do something similar in my back garden. Nice watching the time lapse and pretending it’ll be quick, easy, and low sweat!

  • Ralecks78 1 week ago

    Great job

  • atzo naftaniel 1 week ago

    I'm only here because I like timelapse movies.

  • Spetsialista 1 week ago

    what happened with those tiles at 6:03?

  • Seti 1 week ago

    Is this gravel being placed where turf will end up being laid?
    If so why?
    If not what is the material and purpose please?

  • Christopher Hubble 1 week ago

    Polymeric sand is only good on interlock driveways or pathways, your flag stone wont last very long. should of use mortar in the joints. Great concept on the landscape.

  • John Zabik 1 week ago

    Great job..doing the same with my backyard..can I suggest a few solar powered lights

  • Andre Shelton 1 week ago

    What type of buggie is that?

  • Al Copley 1 week ago

    Nice one, but why did you have lift the flag stone towards the end?

  • Zafs Simple Garden 1 week ago

    Beautifull change! I really like to watch this stuff XD

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