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  • david smith 9 months ago

    Nice job

  • Graham Parker 9 months ago

    Come and see us at a malvern spring garden show which starts today

  • Graham Parker 9 months ago

    Great garden

  • jennti 9 months ago

    I really really like this..

  • Gardening With Pleasure 9 months ago

    Very nice information

  • Everyday the dog is laying in dirt. Do they give that dog a bath everyday?

  • Tracy Keenan 9 months ago

    Now that’s dumb how are you going to left your mover up onto the raised garden bed to cut the grass around the tree should have put flowers in it

  • Stephanie Murray 9 months ago

    This is the third garden creation video I have seen with the same dog! creepy !!

  • Aida Jager 9 months ago

    Beautiful? Where? It ils juste a garden

  • simone bloomfield 9 months ago

    How much turf per square feet did it take

  • Naomi Sepe 9 months ago

    Como se llama el perro

  • David Brooke 9 months ago

    I've been a landscape contractor for years. Great job!

  • Gailey44k 9 months ago

    OMG! Tolkien would be so proud! ❤️ By far my absolute favorite! That's just amazing!

  • Has this garden some kind of a hobbit theme, or is it just me? I really like it, though.
    As always the dog is the star.

  • AuroraBella29 9 months ago

    That tree not being in the middle bothered me so much I couldn't finish the video

  • K Zee 9 months ago

    Didn't like the design at all. Too many ankle breakers all over the place. Very awkward.

  • Misskitkatcupcake 9 months ago

    Wow!!! Great makeover and cute doggo!

  • brummie pc gamer 9 months ago

    the dog was funny sleeping in a ball all over the place.great job

  • Honey Bar 9 months ago

    I watched all your vids because I love watching you makes magic and your dog chill. 🙂

  • Indian boy 9 months ago

    You have big land, you can plant big n useful trees like mango, jamun,etc. Maybe after 3 years big trees don't even need watering. You can also put a natural fish pond, algae n guppies, they'll not need to care. You can put a rock in pond, birds, butterflies, honeybees, etc will be able to land n drink water.

  • Shannon Smith 9 months ago

    What's the song you played in this video?

  • Snooty Fox 9 months ago

    Stunning guys!!

  • Pixie Snow 9 months ago

    Very nice. The whimsical rounded edges look very relaxing. I hope the tree in the circle will eventually have a large canopy, nice shady place to sit and read. It looks like pink magnolia but I'm not sure. Your dog is the best btw. 🙂

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