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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Soil and good mulch are key to having a successful garden. the Dirt you select is vital to the gardens ability to grow green and healthy. Gardening is great but it will all depend on the soil and dirt that you select and how you maintain the nutrients in it. Planting a home garden is a gratifying thing. growing your own vegetables is the best ever for taste and nutrients. here I show how I germinate seeds and show you the progress of my garden and home garden plants and how I am going to be planting the garden.

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  • SoCalPreppers 7 years ago

    we dont lift iron,? we pump lead!!! thanks for watchin Mac daddy!

  • bnsd70mac1 7 years ago

    Yeah, like we go to the gym every Tuesday! Do Kimbers? count as lifting iron?

  • SoCalPreppers 7 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing… I guess we’ll see what i get…Ill do an update in a few days to see how the little ones are getting along… thanks for? watching man!

  • desertprepper1 7 years ago

    Looks like there will be no problem growing stuff? there, you have lots of stuff doing well.
    Keep an eye on how much area that fertilizer in the sprayer is for. You dont want to put too much, it could harm the little sprouts.
    I did that last year (overfertilized) with bigger plants. I killed a bunch.

  • LowBuckPrepper 7 years ago

    can’t? wait brother! Good stuff

  • SoCalPreppers 7 years ago

    Look for part 5 in this series… it will answer? alot of your questions , and more I hope. just started filming it…

  • LowBuckPrepper 7 years ago

    what do you mean by “Im? cultivating the planters ” ? do you do something with the planters besides making sure they have moist soil?

  • SoCalPreppers 7 years ago

    i filmed this on day 4 so yea, 96 hours roughly . I have no idea what I did to make em? take off liek they did, but i’ll take it! Im cultivating the planters where i intend on planting these now, and with any luck, have them planted by to night….
    its not that hot here… high 80’s to low 90’s this week.
    be cool my friend 🙂

  • LowBuckPrepper 7 years ago

    96 hrs and they’re that sprouted! WOW, and you say yer putting then outside. Do you do that to get them some sun for a little bit? Keep it up bro, diggin this series and have already learned a lot from ya. BTW, hot??? really, 96 here today!