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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Tour of the varieties and overall layout. Tomatoes and peppers and leafy green vegetables. Raised bed garden container gardening. sun sugar cherry tomatoes lady bug tomato roma brandywine jalapeno hot peppers how to grow bell pepper hole mole pepperoncini corno di toro bulls horn joi choi pac choy bok pak super sugar snap pea snow peas southern giant mustard greens renegade spinach shtf prepper wrol preparedness georgia collards detroit beets early wonder tall top french breakfast radish tuscano dinosaur kale dino black red russian kale save seeds harvest seed scallions pasilla bajio black hungarian hot red sail buttercrunch red marshall green ice leaf lettuce home grown hybrid hakurei turnip white lady turnips square foot

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  • dabigisland1 8 years ago


  • Poch99 8 years ago

    Your vegetables are gorgeous!! I hope? my greens turn out like yours.

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    hi, i probably just got lucky 🙂 i dont do anything special. Ive gotten good results with? fish emulsion fertilizer. right after a feeding the plants show a healthy burst of growth. maybe try growing them in a different area to hide them from the bugs.

  • OldGardenerGuy 8 years ago

    Every year I try to grow turnips but the leaves get eaten through by a small black? and yellow bug called the Japanese jumping flea beetle… how do you manage to keep your leaves so green and healthy?

  • JadaPRT 8 years ago

    Everything looks great.? Thanks for the tour.

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    hi, the beets are planted to utilize the extra space around the pepper plants. by summer time the beets will? be harvested and the peppers will be left to grow out fully in the containers.

  • 17BeautifulMind 8 years ago

    I noticed you have pepper plants growing in the center of your beet plants. Any particular reason why??

  • potteryworks 8 years ago

    A? true square footer

  • superslyfoxx1 8 years ago

    The containers you have your lettuce in…what are they may I ask? Is? it just some container? Very cool .. I love looking at your beautiful garden.

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    hi, the porch lettuce gets about 9 hrs of sun. 4-5 hrs would be enough to get good results. im? also in zone 7, right on the border of 7a and 7b.

  • meharris0925 8 years ago

    I absolutely love the lettuce idea. Do you have full sun on your porch all day? I was wanting to plant a “salad bowl” type planter on my porch but it only gets about 4? to 5 hours of sun. I’m in 7b. Thanks!

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago


  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    thanks! i look? forward to your garden updates when things start growing. ive read that groundhogs live on average 2-4 yrs so im hoping it’s the only one and it has retired to groundhog heaven, lol.

  • suprsleep 8 years ago

    Nice! I have 27 raised beds in my backyard. ? By this fall I hope to get 12 more. Keep it growing.

  • Innperlenburg 8 years ago

    Really gorgeous? veggies! Brilliant work!

  • Stevegardens85 8 years ago

    Great vid very informative, check out my garden videos on my channel? stevegardens85.

  • TheTubeTempest 8 years ago

    Will you look? at my latest melon vid?

  • dulce3tat 8 years ago

    I love love love it!!! Im? moving to a new house in the next couple weeks and I can’t wait to start my garden.I live in a cooler climate so right after mother’s day is the best time for me to start. Hope all is well and you dont have the pest eating your food this year lol

  • growingstuff 8 years ago

    looks awesome! i just? started a container garden this year.

  • janie wallace 8 years ago

    you have a very nice garden we haven’t planted yet too? cold where we are end of may can’t wait thank you for sharing

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago


  • SquareFootGardening5 8 years ago

    Your garden always looks very healthy, clean and beautiful! You really? did a great job!

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    thanks! dunno what im doing its probably luck. when i made the garden i got a lot of the tips from john kohler the growingyourgreens on youtube guy. basically compost and azomite rock dust. i also added a little perlite,vermiculite, and limestone. I top dress the beds with some? worm castings(about 10lbs per 3x7foot bed) and mix them in the top 2 inches of soil. I also use alaska fish emulsion fertilizer every week or two, 1 tablespoon per gallon.

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    hey thanks! i’m lookin forward to seeing your garden updates this year. im? in zone 7 in North Carolina USA

  • BubbleBeet 8 years ago

    the seeds will probably have some slight variations that look like each of the parents. I’ll grow a bunch out and select? the best over the next few generations to stabilize the Red Ice strain. Dunno if lettuce can be cloned, once it starts bolting it might be possible to clone the branches.