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Desert Gardens


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  • mel still 8 months ago

    Looks like you have a nice garden but all the fade outs and constant camera movement messed with my eyes so I clicked out at the first add.

  • Lauri Snipes 8 months ago

    Sweetie pie black berries . They must be able to take the heat rt?

  • Team Benson 8 months ago

    I'm an AZ gardener too but I'm still new

  • Matthew W 8 months ago

    Looks like your garden held up pretty well, ours over here in Laveen not so good, possibly because yours is more densely planted, your Micro environment May have helped, I’m really concerned about our Moringa tree, it’s about 17 foot tall, did wrap the bottom 4 foot of the trunk, but it turned a sickly looking pale yellow, I hope we don’t lose it did any of yours do the same?

  • Learn To Grow 8 months ago

    Love your garden paradise!!

  • Rose M 8 months ago

    now we really have to meet up one day!

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