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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This year I decided to mix a blend of manure’s and soil together to enhance the garden beds. I have Cow, Horse and Alpaca manure, mixed with some garden soil purchased from the garden center. It takes some time to mix it and blend it all together… gives your legs and back a work out, let me tell you… but the hard work at the beginning of the season should pay back with great results. We all need food, as do our plants… I hope that this blend, along with plenty of water and TLC will give me a bumper crop this year.

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  • MrUrbangreen 7 years ago

    You have to see our raised garden beds …Our garden? is going crazy..How do we stop the plants from growing???? Go to my channel? …… MrUrbangreen

  • mediamaker2000 7 years ago

    Oh really? He cooks, he cleans,? but does he play Resistance?

  • Watsamadoing 7 years ago

    LMAO!!!! Don’t hold your? breathe!! He’s usually hard at it on the PS3 controller on the weekends. I can’t complain.. he does the housework (cleaning) inside (including dishes – woohoo) and I look after the outside. Pretty good deal I reckon…

  • mediamaker2000 7 years ago

    I want to see the video? where you get your guy to do some mixing and planting on camera, not just making comments on audio! I challenge your guy to get down and dirty on the garden videos!

  • stillwaterwhispers 7 years ago

    lookin good! lets? hope the plants appreciate it all!!

  • Watsamadoing 7 years ago

    He is bored silly.. everyone else (Cats and chooks) get the attention. But he doesn’t know how to play properly..? it’s his own fault. He gets excited anytime we do anything outside. He’s ok.. Lady (me) still plays with him sometimes 🙂

  • Watsamadoing 7 years ago

    LOL – problem with Clyde? is that he never brings the bone BACK to you.. you throw it and then his game is to keep it from you.. gets a bit tiring after a while. He would get WAAY more play time if he knew how to do it properly.. and treats and training don’t seem to help.

  • Watsamadoing 7 years ago

    Yeah I hope so.. This is the problem I have tho.. I do everything I can in preparation and then I don’t get the results that I see others getting.. I think I don’t water enough. I have a problem myself with not drinking enough water and I think it’s in my mind and the plants suffer too. I have bought a tap timer so in summer it can just turn on and do it itself. Let me know if you see me doing something silly or odd! Btw.. you are? allowed to cheat 🙂 I do all the time.. Cheers!

  • Watsamadoing 7 years ago

    Unbelievable! Can’t believe I am still standing. By the end of the day I cannot even bend? over any more.. Almost done with preps now.. Can sit back and watch it grow.. I hope!

  • Watsamadoing 7 years ago

    Help? Okay.. perhaps he can dig the soil over next time 😉 I’ll have to get you to? train him better 😀

  • Dale Calder 7 years ago

    Wow that’s a great looking mix now just stand back and? watch it grow. Poor puppy bored silly and just wanted mommy to play.

  • Praxxus55712 7 years ago

    It was adorable how the dog brought the bone to? help. I have no attention span. The next hour would have been me playing with the dog and getting no gardening done. 🙂

  • Rob Bob 7 years ago

    I think your plants will be very happy by the looks of that mix…
    I cheated & bought a bag of manure, blood ‘n’ bone & rock dust? blend as I was a bit slack with composting the horse manure…
    Have a great one…

  • lifeinthailand 7 years ago

    You sure have been? working hard.

  • NedKelly5580 7 years ago

    My poor old puppy, he just? wanted to help Lady. Very good darlin.