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http://www.hacres.tv How do you get all the nutrients you need? Grow them! Rev. Malkmus shares what to plant in order to have a well rounded mix of healthful…

Gardening Guide #18: Peppers

http://www.hacres.tv Harvesting your peppers this fall is just the beginning… Willi Murray shows you how to have a continuous harvest all year long! Have q…
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Gardening Guide #11: Garden Nutrition

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  • justin brubaker

    When you said that spinach had 86 grams of protein I questioned that, and
    so I researched it and found out that 1 cup of raw spinach has between 1-5
    grams of protein. So you might want to do a little more research in the
    future 🙂 Where did you get that information?

  • Hallelujah Acres

    @justinbrubaker5 Thanks so much for bringing that error to our attention.
    It was not a mistake in facts but rather a mistake in wording. You are
    correct, spinach does not have 86 grams of protein in it. We apologize for
    the error. Wouldn’t that be great though if we could get that much protein
    out of a cup of spinach? 😉 Thanks again for your post!

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