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  • brianfleming43 6 years ago

    Dude do u use dirt?

  • Goathead0988 6 years ago

    Thank you so much on the tip about to much water. I just started my bin and
    the worms were climbing the sides escaping, now I know why. Great video.

  • itsMrCakes2u 6 years ago

    did you ever make another video on worms?

  • micah wilson 6 years ago

    Can you put two different kinds of warms togather?

  • The MORNING gardener's SHOW. 6 years ago

    Hello I to have a worm bin it is a simple Tupperware container with a few
    holes drilled in the bottom. Each time I pick the box . Find some worms
    have escaped through the bottom is anything I can do. I worth leaving the
    container. Thank you

  • Hallelujah Acres 6 years ago

    Thank you for posting! You are very welcome.