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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Tired of bending and kneeling to garden? Find out more about GardenRack, the waist high raised bed gardening system. You can garden again! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • OnlygIobal 7 years ago


    Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved – Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you !? Glory to JESUS CHRIST

  • PREPPERLEPER 7 years ago


  • PREPPERLEPER 7 years ago

    WHY TRY TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE OLD AND HAndicapped ?Do you think they have money? to spend on this?

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    Hi Bill: Thanks for your message and best wishes. The product is selling well even in the? fall in North America.

    Best regards — Victoria

  • Bill Slavin 7 years ago

    Best of? luck to you.
    May I ask….
    Are your books selling ?

  • bookmarkthis 7 years ago

    If you’re gonna use plastic? containers, why not just place them on an outdoor table, picnic table or something you can use for other purposes also.

  • bookmarkthis 7 years ago

    I could only find a site greenlivingonline, which does not say plastic is safe. It tells which plastic #s are safest if you must use it. Which “Green Living” resource are you referring to? Where are they getting their info from? Do the tubs have a triangle with a number in the middle?? What country are they made in? I’d think the tubs are made from various sources & countries. I question anything made in china because of their reputation on safety. Many say to avoid all plastic for food use.

  • MissBestSunshine 7 years ago

    wonderful idea!? thx so much

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    So good to hear from you and thanks for your kind? words. Enjoy!

  • f77150dad 7 years ago

    This is great, I am? in my mid 30’s and love my garden and I know, there will come a time later down the road when my body start talking back to me! This is going to be my answer to all of my aging set-backs. thank you very much!

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    Hi! Like everything in the world of computers, things do get fouled up. We had made a change to our bandwidth and it defaulted, causing the? site to be down. It is now back online and you can buy the plans there. And thank you so much for letting me know about this!

  • sadies1984 7 years ago

    I would like to order the plans but when I entered your website it says user has? exceeded bandwidth??? Couldnt access the site at all. How much are the plans and is there an alternate way of ordering them??

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    Hi! I use a high quality potting mix like Miracle Gro with time released food and water retention crystals. If you’re trying to go completely organic, you may not want those features in your soil but I live where the summers are hot so I find them helpful. You’ll drill 9 holes in the bottom of each tub — 3 right, 3 center, 3 left. Then you’ll fill with an inch of pea? gravel before adding soil.

  • jbld50 7 years ago

    What type of soil do you use?? Potting or garden? Do you have drainage holes?

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    Great! It has saved? my back and knees.

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    Hi. You get the answers to all of your? questions by going to the GardenRack website and ordering the plans, instructions and two free ebooks.

  • Bunny S 7 years ago

    sorry for all the? questions lol Also what are the sizes? I see you have 4×4 and then are those 2×4 or 2×6

  • Bunny S 7 years ago

    Also was the wood expensive?

  • Bunny S 7 years ago

    Are those the large or the medium? tubs?

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    You’re so welcome and thanks for your kind words.?

  • ShonitaMG 7 years ago

    That’s nice! That would be great for my mother in law. She’s elderly, and can’t really bend low and she misses gardening. 😉 thanks? for sharing!

  • veebur56 7 years ago

    The plastic in the tubs is low density? polyethelene (LDPE) — the same thing plastic food containers, plastic wrap, and juice and milk cartons are made from. According to Green Living, LDPE is safe and not known to leach any chemicals that are known to be carcinogens.