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  • Kole Kosta 1 year ago

    Great video! Big thumbs up! Wishing you a wonderful new weekend. Greetings

  • zalina finz 1 year ago

    Completo mga tanim nandyan na lahat

  • Helmz Jordan 1 year ago

    Love you sis..muahh!!! liked 33

  • Ritchel's Lifestyle 1 year ago

    Hi sis thanks for stopping by to my channel! I sub back… Nice one thanks for sharing:)

  • Ria Capili 1 year ago

    hi sis new subbing here hope you can subbing back to my channel too

  • Ola Maria 1 year ago

    Gusto ko rin magtanim ng malunggay..taba ng mga tanim mo.

  • The Thrills Couple 1 year ago

    Done thank you

  • บ่าวฮันแน้ว Channel 1 year ago

    Nice video. Sub for you # 647 back sub for me. Thanks.

  • Bobby Scoggins 1 year ago

    Im Regaled From Safford Arizona Thats About 120 Miles From Tucson..

  • wahoo strike 1 year ago

    I came here from Helmz Jordan

  • Bobby Scoggins 1 year ago

    Im From Arizona Live In Riverside California Where Do You Live in arizona. …

  • Bobby Scoggins 1 year ago

    Hi Found You From Helmz Channel

  • Rhebhecz QB 1 year ago

    Wow nice you have garden,please check my small channel also,thank you

  • Simply Silent 1 year ago

    Very nice garden. Love the malunggay plant!

  • ella churva 1 year ago

    nice vid, new subie here hope u support back my channel. Thank you in advance and God Bless!

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