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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A short video walk around of my garden. We have had a lot more rain then normal this year. 6 INCHES in the last 2 months!!!! raised beds are working great and holding in a lot of heat for the nights. Lots of rain is nice but it has been cooler than normal as well. Direct watering has been great, The only way to garden. Plants are just loving all of it. I have been seeing a lot of gardening videos from people that grow very nice gardens in places with conditions I could only dream of. Here it is a bit harder, we have 55 degree nights 7000 feet elevation 90 degree days and humidity of 7 – 10 percent average. However you can make things grow with a bit of work and have Clean food for almost free. I have been loving it. the only way to eat.


  • Wendy H. 4 years ago

    great tip on keeping water warm, never thought about it

  • thecman26 4 years ago

    Nice setup! 

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